When Life Gives You Parkinson's - PDAvenger Larry Gifford uncovers the healing power of SYMBYX light therapy.

Larry & Rebecca Gifford of Vancouver, Canada dive into the growing interest and research being conducted on red and infrared light laser therapy for Parkinson’s disease.

In Hamilton, Ontario PD Avenger and care partner Lorna Dueck, a retired radio and TV host, visits Gaitway Neurophysio. She interviews owner and physiotherapist Orla Hares and Research Assistant, Jenna Sykes.

Intrigued, Larry tracks down the CEO of SYMBYX Biome, Dr. Wayne Markman to discuss the PDCare handheld laser being used on the gut and the SYMBYX Neuro, an infrared and red light helmet – both designed to reactivate the mitochondria and promote dopamine production.



When Life gives you Parkinson's is a wonderful podcast hosted by Larry Gifford and wife Rebecca. The podcast raises awareness of PD, battles the stigma around the disease and empowers through education.

Larry Gifford was diagnosed with young-onset Parkinson’s in August 2017 at the age of 45. He is President and cofounder of the Global Alliance to End Parkinson’s Disease, better known as PD Avengers.



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