Light therapy and EMF radiation


In this article, we explain what are EMFs, why all electrical devices have them, and how you can safely choose a device for yourself.


What are EMFs?


EMF stands for ElectroMagnetic Field. This is the form of energy created from both electrical and magnetic sources. Common examples include anything that uses batteries, gets plugged into an electrical point, and wireless technologies such as Wifi, mobile phones, and Bluetooth technologies. Therefore, an EMF is generated nearly all electrical household appliances and technologies, including your electrical toothbrush, hairdryer, microwave, television, fridge, washing machine, light bulbs, vacuum cleaner, and light therapy device.


Of course, not all these devices emit the same amounts of EMF. Dangerous kinds of EMF exposure include ionising radiation: things like UV rays, and x-rays. These kinds of radiation are known to be damaging, which is why they're not commonly found outside medical clinics, where they are used for imaging, or for specific kinds of radiotherapy.


Non-ionising radiation (the safe kinds of electromagnetic waves) include those which are emitted by electrical currents, and also red and infrared light. These home-use electrical products, which emit very low frequency non-ionising radiation (typically 1 Hz- 100 kHz) have been studied in over 25000 articles from the last 30 years, and shown repeatedly that there is very little evidence to suggest they pose any harm to human health whatsoever. Guidelines established by the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection describe these devices as well beneath the safe exposure limits. The fact that they pose next to no risk is one of the reasons that they are approved devices for home-use.


The incredibly high safety profile of medical laser using red and infrared light is also why it's such a popular treatment for a variety of health conditions. In thousands of studies to date testing light therapy, there have never been any serious adverse events reported. This is because it's the safe kind of EMF: it's at the complete opposite end of the spectrum to harmful UV or x-ray radiation. Red and infrared light is anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidating on the body. It's the opposite of damaging kinds of EMF effects. 


Do SYMBYX devices emit EMFs and are they safe?


Yes. Like all electrical devices, SYMBYX devices do emit EMFs. The levels emitted are low, far lower than many other household appliances. In fact, because SYMBYX devices have been designed to meet safety standards as registered health products, the EMF that is emitted is even lower than many cooking appliances or hands-free technologies. This is because standardisations for products that are designed for clinical environments are even stricter. 


Our laser devices are all ARTG-listed, CE-listed and CE-marked, which means that they've been rigorously safety-tested to meet international standards for medical and wellness products. (Our Neuro red light therapy and infrared light helmet is not a laser device but instead powered by LEDs and hence registered as a wellness device. It is not a medical device) When choosing a light therapy device, it's important to check that the company passes all international (ISO) safety tests, as not all manufacturers comply these with regulations. Rest assured, at SYMBYX we take quality and safety compliance very seriously, even more so on our take-home devices, which need to be safely used and operated by people without clinical training. 


All SYMBYX devices including our range of light therapy helmets have tested and passed international safety standards for EMF. They pose no EMF health risk to the human body. 

All of our devices also come with qualified professional health advice via our worldwide Clinical Support team. 

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If you are having other treatments and are concerned about EMF sensitivity, our team of international clinicians also offer sensitivity protocols for our devices. Please email them at 





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