Relief from acute pain, chronic pain and fibromyalgia with laser light therapy





Dr Roberta Chow, a world leading clinical practitioner and PhD in the field of laser therapy for pain management joined us for a discussion on pain management and light therapy.

Originally a GP in private practice, Dr. Chow is focused solely on pain management and has used laser therapy to treat patients since 1988. In addition to her clinical experience Dr. Chow is a published researcher, author and sought after speaker in her field. Her 2009 paper titled “Efficacy of low-level laser therapy in the management of neck pain” was published in The Lancet and in the top 20 downloaded papers the following year. 

Dr. Chow co-authored and co-edited the book “Pain: The Person, The Science, The Clinical Interface” in 2015 and in 2017 she was awarded the Member of the Order of Australia (AM) in the 2017 Australia Day honours for her work in pain management and laser therapy.

We always learn so much from Roberta's vast experience and knowledge. Roberta can be contacted via her private practice, Quantum Pain Management in Castle Hill, Sydney.


Presentation Summary:

00:00:15 - 00:01:52.        ACUTE PAIN

Dr Chow discusses how light therapy can be used as an "incredibly effective first aid" for acute pain and the ability of light therapy to "promote healing, reduce inflammation and reduce swelling".

00:01:52-00:07:00.        CHRONIC PAIN

Dr Wayne Markman and Dr Chow explain chronic pain, "nerve sensitisation" and how light therapy can overcome the challenges of treating chronic pain.

00:07:10 - 00:12:00.     FIBROMYALGIA

The difference of chronic pain and fibromyalgia and how "people can support their treatment with home lasers".

00:12:30 - 00:15:51.    COMPLEX REGIONAL PAIN SYNDROME

00:15:51- 00:24:10.    ARTHRITIS

The effectiveness of using light therapy in treating both degenerative and inflammatory arthritis.

00:24:13-00:26:00.    OPIOD CRISIS 

Dr Chow discusses the current opioid and NSAID crises  and the need for alternative non pharmaceutical therapies such as light therapy.





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