"Aussie Medtech takes on Big Pharma with a Treatment for Parkinsons" interview on Ausbiz

SYMBYX CEO, Dr Wayne Markman, was interviewed by Ausbiz journalist Nadine Blaney in their Sydney studio in December 2021. Ausbiz is a content/media channel which provides a platform to connect investors with opportunities for financial success. The interview focused on: the names of leading Australian investors backing SYMBYX; the company’s positive cashflow profile and attractiveness to investors; the size and growth of the global PD market which SYMBYX services; 2022 opportunities for SYMBYX in the UK and EU and likely new capital requirements to achieve US approvals in 2022, and finally (and most importantly) on the SYMBYX PDCare Laser and its positive effect on reducing Parkinson’s symptoms. 

As Ausbiz reported, "SYMBYX Biome recently wrapped-up a capital raise from well-known corporate investors to fund a more detailed study into its laser light treatment for Parkinson's disease. The company raised $3.3 million this year from current and new investors, this followed an earlier 2020 seed round. MD Wayne Markman says the company will consider US and UK expansion for the next funding round, which could happen in the third quarter of 2022. Investors include several well-known corporates including Graham Bradley (former BCA president and chairman of Energy Australia), Peter Farrell (Resmed (RMD) founder), Jonathan West (former Harvard Business School Professor) and venture capitalist Roger Allen. Wayne says studies have shown measures of mobility, cognition, dynamic balance and fine motor skill were significantly improved with treatment for 12 weeks and up to one year for Parkinson's patients, with a wide range of future applications for the device.

To watch the full interview on the Ausbiz website please click here