Low Level Laser Therapy assists with Fibromyalgia

We are encouraged by the recent focus in The Guardian newspaper in Australia and UK on Fibromyalgia, aptly called "The Pain that can't be seen." See link to full article here. Nikki Marshall writes that, "a flare-up starts with instant exhaustion and a brain fog so dense I might struggle to speak. Then the pain begins. It’s a rusty feeling in my hands and feet that moves up and seeps into my wrists and ankles, elbows and knees, shoulders and hips. There are muscle aches too, that trampled feeling you get as you’re coming down with a cold or flu....." 

When I say I don’t know much about fibromyalgia, I don’t even know for sure that I have it. There’s no test for fibro so it’s a diagnosis of exclusion – what’s left behind when doctors rule out everything else"
Nikki mentions the things that help manage her condition or flare ups as medication, sleep, yoga, walking over 7500 steps a day and an anti-inflammatory diet.

But did you know that Low Level Laser therapy, such as SYMBYX provides, has been shown to provide relief against Fibromyalgia in over 9 international Randomised Control Trials. Our PDCare 904 nm Laser is CE Marked/ARTG Listed for reduction in pain and chronic inflammation and Fibromyalgia symptoms. 

If you are interested in going deeper, you can start by reading some published research on Fibromyalgia, 'Low-Level Laser Therapy for Fibromyalgia: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis,' at https://lnkd.in/gdPtECy by
Shu-Wei Yeh, Chien-Hsiung Hong, Ming-Chieh Shih, Ka-Wai Tam, Yao-Hsien Huang and Yi-Chun Kuan.