How red light laser therapy relieves Neuropathy, a common side effect of Chemo

Peripheral neuropathy commonly just called 'Neuropathy' is a typical side effect of chemotherapy. Doctors believe it happens because chemotherapy damages some healthy cells, including peripheral nerves that affect feeling and movement in the hands and feet. The peripheral nerves are the communication network that sends signals from the central nervous system - the brain and spinal cord - to all other parts of the body. 

Chemo-induced neuropathy symptoms are usually the worst 3-5 months after the last chemotherapy dose. Symptoms may then disappear completely, or reduce gradually over several months.

Non-chemo induced neuropathy is also a common issue for millions of people with general health issues such as diabetes, infections, injuries, alcoholism, vitamin deficiency or using specific medications. 

Neuropathy symptoms vary depending on the type of nerves that are damaged - motor, sensory and/or autonomic - and can include: tingling and numbness in hands or feet, muscle weakness, a sharp, stabbing pain and/or a loss of balance and coordination. Many people living with neuropathic pain can find it difficult to walk, balance, judge temperature accurately and undertake daily tasks safely.


How does Red Light Laser Therapy help with Neuropathic Pain?

The DermaCare Laser by SYMBYX is a medical-grade red light laser for use at-home for tissue repair and/or inflammatory conditions that are close to the skin surface. Emitting a precise 635 nanometers of cold laser energy, the device gives users the control and convenience to seek relief in the comfort of their own home when neuropathic flare ups occur. DermaCare therapy is also, importantly, a drug free therapy which does not interact with your medications.

Red light laser therapy has been proven to stimulate and promote blood flow.  Laser therapy at the right dose and energy level triggers the release of nitric oxide from blood vessels and red blood cells in the area directly targeted by the laser. Much stronger and more precise than LED light devices, the DermaCare laser by SYMBYX can be moved around targeted pain sites across the fingers, toes, hands and feet - working quickly to provide relief and assist in the rebuilding of nerves. 

The DermaCare Laser is clinically proven to help restore a more normal feeling and function threshold to the user

Visible light in the red range of the colour spectrum penetrates deeply to reach muscles and nerves. As the cells absorb energy from the light, they become more active, and blood flow increases. These two actions support cellular regrowth and regeneration, lessen inflammation and stimulate the repair of scars, wounds or injuries. 

With neuropathy, the myelin sheath, the protective layer around the nerves, dies without adequate blood supply. Laser therapy using the DermaCare Laser therefore increases blood flow which provides temporary relief and reduces pain by providing the nerve with the much-needed oxygen and nutrients to stay healthy.  With diabetic neuropathy, it encourages blood flow to extremities where it is most needed. 

Light therapy by SYMBYX uses laser energy in specific wavelengths (colours) to treat specific health issues with the body. We are most known for our work using photobiomodulation on Parkinson's and Fibromyalgia symptoms, but also work with laser devices across a range of health conditions including IBS, Fibromyalgia, lymphoedema and other health issues. Clinical research is ongoing across these and other intractable disease conditions.