SYMBYX company closes A-Round funding

SYMBYX is excited to be an active part of Australia’s innovative medical technology community, and has recently moved offices to 2/50 YEO Street, Neutral Bay NSW 2089 (Sydney), Australia.

We also recently closed our A-Round Funding and raised more than $3 million (AUD) from a small group of highly credentialled investors, including Australian-based venture capital and global medical company founders. We thank them for sharing our vision of widespread use of Photobiomodulation therapy in the treatment of diverse conditions, including Parkinson’s, Fibromyalgia and other gut mediated indications. 

Dr Markman, SYMBYX CEO, said “the Adelaide PBM trial showed laser therapy to be side-effect free, low cost and potentially clinically effective, with significant improvements in primary and secondary outcome measures for people living with Parkinsons. This is early stage but very promising testing which provides a clear impetus for additional higher-level trials. Australia boasts some incredible innovative scientists who are utilising PBM across multiple neurodegenerative disorders and Parkinson’s is just the beginning. What sets SYMBYX apart simply from other technologies out there claiming effectiveness in this area is that our technology is premised on changing the human microbiome (the vast microbial colonies of bacterial and other gut species that play a vital role in mediating human health outcomes).... Therefore SYMBYX is focused on two breakthrough or new frontiers – using innovative laser and light devices to reduce Parkinson’s symptoms – and understanding the role of the gut microbiome in Parkinson’s and other intractable disease or condition models including Alzheimer’s, autism and IBS.

Please be in touch with our CEO, Wayne Markman, if you would like to be considered for an allocation in our next investment round expected next year in 2022.