Our very own SYMBYX Scientist, Dr Ann Liebert, presented the results of the recent ground-breaking Parkinson's trial in Adelaide (which used the PDCare Laser by SYMBYX) at last week's Photobiomodulation 2021 Conference held jointly by WALT (the World Association for Photobiomodulation Therapy) and NAALT (the North American Association for Photobiomodulation Therapy). The conference this year was held in Washington DC with Ann presenting her key note speech via Zoom. These results were featured in a recent article in The Australian newspaper, in a Channel 9 TV news segment and importantly published in BMC Neurology Journal in July.
The key takeaways of Ann's presentation (summarised for simplicity) were as follows:
1. The majority of Parkinson's light therapy Adelaide trial participants showed improvements.
2. Positive changes were recorded in (a majority of) participants' cognition, gross and fine motor skills, sleep quality and increased sense of smell (even after several years of not smelling much).
3. Evidence is increasing behind the Gut-Brain Axis involvement in additional neurological conditions such as Depression and Austism Spectrum Disorder.
4. After treatment directed towards the gut microbiome, the balance of gut bacteria changed in a positive way. Of course, Ann duly noted, with the microbiome, balance and bacterial diversity is important.
5. Light therapy successfully changed the microbiome in all trial participants after 12 weeks.
6. Trial participants increased bacteria generally associated with good health, eg, Bacteroides, Succinispira & Alistipes and decreased bacteria generally associated with ill health, eg, Streptococcus & Dorea.
7. There is still so much to lean about the microbiome.
Thanks Ann for a great presentation!  And we look forward to highlighting the key messages from other presenters at the Conference over the next few days and weeks.