Working with the PDCare Laser by Neuro-Physio Marize Newnham from Melbourne, Victoria,


Marize (see photo) is a close collegue and practising physiotherapist in Melbourne's eastern suburbs, specialising in neurodegenerative & movement disorders. With a Masters in Neurological Rehabilitation from the University of Sydney, Marize was integral in establishing the Donvale Rehabilitation Hospital Parkinson's Program and is widely regarded as an expert in treating Parkinson's with her integrative approach.

Marize said, “I first saw Dr Ann Liebert (Chief Scientist of SYMBYX) presenting on PBM (photobiomodulation or low level laser therapy)_at the 2020 PD Warrior Conference.  I am quite amazed at how far the technology has advanced to now include human clinical trials. PBM is increasingly recognised as a safe and effective therapy in bringing positive change to the body on a cellular level.” 

“With the ongoing overhang of COVID on Melbourne, it’s so heartening to see the positive influence of PBM on Parkinson’s patients. I now use PBM in combination with tailored PD exercises (Marize is a lead trainer in Melbourne for our friends over at PD Warrior) to address common barriers to patient engagement - poor sleep, constipation, bloating, nausea, reduced energy levels, muscle & joint pain, subdued name just a few! Some of these symptoms have been intractable for many years…and now they are changing for the better or have totally disappeared. This was previously unheard of.” Newnham further added, “the recent publication in BMC Neurology is a very useful resource for patients and their medical teams. So many facets of research & development have gone into bringing PBM to the place it is today. As an adjunct to PD exercise, PBM is providing patients with better results than just exercise alone.”

Inspired originally by the shortage of tailored exercise options for Parkinson's in the community, Marize started her current private practice, Regain Life Physiotherapy to bridge the gap. Her neuro-physio practice is based out of a well-equipped, state of the art, boutique gym in Mont Albert, Melbourne. “As a partner in the SYMBYX Clinician Trial Program, I have started to see unexpected shifts in many of my clients that are significantly improving their quality of life.” Go Marize!