“People with Parkinson’s routinely tell us they wish for some symptomatic relief - perhaps a good night sleep - not a miracle cure in 10 years from now.” Dr Wayne Markman, CEO

who we are

SYMBYX is an Australian medical technology company developing light therapies to manage previously intractable, chronic diseases and painful, inflammation-mediated conditions. A key priority is to reduce Parkinson’s symptoms.

Founded in December 2019 in Sydney Australia, we develop innovative medical grade, laser light devices that are non-invasive, painless to use and portable. In our Parkinson’s work, we treat primarily via the gut microbiome because through well documented research, there is a well-established linkage between gut and brain health (called the Gut-Brain-Axis). This relationship is essential to understanding many chronic disease models, especially the origin and progression of Parkinson’s.

As an innovator in developing research-backed, laser light therapies for home-use, SYMBYX's treatment protocols have been refined over 20 years of combined clinical practice and trials. We collaborate with large universities, hospitals, support and advocacy groups and leading medical professionals across Australia, Europe and North America.

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There are currently 5,000 + peer-reviewed scientific studies reporting on the incident-free, protective and restorative properties of light therapy for a number of health conditions.

Home Use

SYMBYX’s medical-grade PDCare laser is flexible, compact and easy to use at home device. 
A non-surgical and non-thermal treatment.


Positive changes include motor improvements, better sleep, lightened mood, reduced muscle pain and even returned sense of smell.