DermaCare Laser for Peripheral Neuropathy

DermaCare Laser

Are you suffering from the nerve condition, Peripheral Neuropathy, due to chemo treatment, diabetes or shingles?

Get pain relief now with the DermaCare Red Light Laser

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DermaCare Laser for Peripheral Neuropathy

Peripheral Neuropathy Pain Relief 

Neuropathy is a common side effect of chemotherapy. Doctors believe it happens because chemo can damage healthy cells, including peripheral nerves in the hands and feet. Unlike other cells in the body nerve cells are not easily repaired or replaced once damaged.

Neuropathy affects between 30-70% of treated cancer patients. Most often the nerve damage causes numbness, tingling, or a ‘pins and needles’ type pain depending on the type of nerves that are damaged.

Over time the symptoms can spread up the arms and legs and lead to a loss of balance and coordination, poor sleep, trouble completing everyday tasks and a higher risk of falls and accidents. Attacks can be short and sharp or last for days/weeks and over a prolonged period of time.

How can red light laser therapy help you or your loved one?

The DermaCare Laser by SYMBYX is a medical-grade laser emitting a powerful and visible red light from two laser diodes.

Emitting a precise 635 nanometers of painless laser energy, the device gives neuropathy sufferers the control and convenience to seek relief in the comfort of their own home when and where neuropathy flare ups occur.

DermaCare laser therapy is drug free and does not interact with your other medications.

SYMBYX, the brand behind DermaCare, is an Australian based company and leader in medical grade lasers for at-home use.

Backed by peer-reviewed science, the DermaCare restores blood flow and stimulates the mitochondria within the body’s own cells to heal itself through the power of super pulsed intense light. 

DermaCare Laser for Peripheral Neuropathy

Backed by Peer-Reviewed Science

Restoring blood flow and stimulating mitochondria within your body.

Drug Free Therapy

Drug free laser therapy that doesn't interact with your other medications.

DermaCare Laser for Peripheral Neuropathy

Two Year Warranty

All of our products come with a two year warranty for home and personal use.

Pain Free Laser Treatment

Giving you the control to seek relief in the comfort of your home.

DermaCare Laser for Peripheral Neuropathy

Jan's experience using the DermaCare Laser

"The pain in my fingers or toes was sometimes quite unbearable and I could hardly walk to my post box, let alone stand up.My chemo treatment was successful and finished a while ago, but I would still get these shooting pains up from my toes and occasionally lost sensation in my fingers.

It was terrible. I didn't want to take anymore medication, so I tried many, many other things - massage, swimming, exercises, different diets - but the best thing by far was the red light laser (the DermaCare) from SYMBYX.

I use it daily when I need to and then not for a week or two depending on when my neuropathy episodes occur. It’s such a blessing.

It provides much needed relief and I love that I can decide for myself when I need it to use it at home.No extra appointments or visits to more medical people and helpers...The DermaCare is brilliant.” 

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