Light therapy for Parkinson's

Light therapy is the non-thermal delivery of waves of light energy with a therapeutic benefit. SYMBYX’s medical-grade PDCare laser is easy to use at home and ARTG/CE listed for reduction in Parkinson's and Fibromyalgia symptoms. 


There are currently 5,000 + peer-reviewed scientific studies reporting on the incident-free, protective and restorative properties of light therapy for a number of health conditions.

Home Use

SYMBYX’s medical-grade PDCare laser is flexible, compact and easy to use at home device. 
A non-surgical and non-thermal treatment.


Positive changes include motor improvements, better sleep, lightened mood, reduced muscle pain and even returned sense of smell.

History of Light Therapy

In 1903, the Nobel Prize in medicine was awarded to Danish Physician, Niels Ryberg Finsen, for his work in treating Smallpox and Tuberculosis with light.

Further interest in the field was pioneered by Professor Endre Mester, a Hungarian physician and scientist, who in 1967 successfully used light to heal wounds and regrow hair in mice and people.

NASA also experimented frequently with light in the 1970's and 1980's and successfully used LED light to grow flowers in space.Today, light is used to pre-prime patients prior to surgery (including cardiovascular surgery) as well as for several neurodegenerative disorders.

How does light therapy work?

Light therapy is the non-thermal delivery of lightwaves with therapeutic benefit. At an optimal wavelength (typically red and/or infrared light, which have longer wavelengths than all other colours), intensity (measured in joules) and exposure time, light aimed at human tissue starts a cascade of biochemical reactions that effectively increase cell energy, reduce pain, inflammation and even Parkinson's symptoms. In fact, this type of stimulation can effectively reset a person's entire nervous system.

PDCare Laser therapy encourages greater bacterial fermentation of dietary fibre in a person's colon. This, in turn, lifts the production of certain critical gut metabolites called short chain fatty acids (SCFAs). One SCFA, in particular, called Butyrate has many positive health effects - reducing inflammation, increasing the integrity of our digestive lining (resulting in less "leaky gut") and blood brain barrier (resulting in less neurology-inflammation, which is a known cause of PD and dementia); and increased dopamine signalling in both the peripheral (ie, the body) and central (ie, the brain and spinal cord) nervous systems.

By treating the gut with laser light, SYMBYX is able to manipulate a person's microbiome to reduce inflammation, prevent bacterial leakage and even increase dopamine production in both the peripheral and central nervous systems, thus leading to improved brain function.

What Parkinson's takes away

Parkinson’s is both a neurological and movement disorder which occurs when brain cells producing dopamine(a neurotransmitter essential for relaying messages for controlling movement) slowly begin to die off.

When dopamine levels get too low, neurons (or brain nerve cells) start to fire more randomly, leading to the classic symptoms of Parkinson’s – tremour, rigidity and/or stiff muscles, slowness of movement and unstable posture.Additionally, patients may experience problems sleeping, decreased sense of smell, depression or anxiety and problems with more typical brain functions such as planning, making decisions or paying attention.

Unlocking Life's Full Potential

Parkinson’s symptoms vary from individual to individual as it is an extremely heterogeneous disease affecting everyone differently.
By implementing SYMBYX’s treatment protocols, our flexible PDCare hand-held device is used to treat the gut, wide-ranging positive changes are being recorded by patients. Such changes include motor improvements, better sleep, lightened mood, reduced muscle pain and even returned sense of smell.

How is this even possible!?

The PDCare Laser therapy increases gut fermentation of dietary fibre, which in turn facilitates the production of helpful gut metabolites (called short chain fatty acids or SCFAs).
SCFAs are important for manufacturing the neurotransmitters dopamine and serotonin that are in short supply in a Parkinson’s patient (note: about half of our natural occurring dopamine actually originates in the gut). In essence, the gut takes on an even greater load and compensates (as much as possible) for the reduction of dopamine production in the brain.

The PDCare Laser by SYMBYX is CE marked/ARTG-listed for reducing Parkinson's symptoms.

Research Supporting Light Therapy in Parkinson's

"PBM was shown to be a safe and potentially effective treatment. Improvements were maintained for as long as treatment continued, for up to one year in a neurodegenerative disease where decline is typically expected."

How does light therapy offer neurological protection in Parkinson's disease?

Treating the microbiome to affect changes in Parkinson’s patients.

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PDCare Laser
PDCare Laser
PDCare Laser
PDCare Laser
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PDCare Laser
PDCare Laser

PDCare Laser


The PDCare by SYMBYX is the first ever clinical grade laser designed and approved specifically for home use to reduce symptoms associated with Parkinson's. It really is in a league of its own.

Improve your gut microbiome and digestion. Manage pain. Increase restful sleep. Reduce inflammation. Stimulate cell energy production.

With its super-pulsed technology, the PDCare is non-heating, safe, painless yet sufficiently intense to penetrate through skin, tissue, muscle and body fat. 

Made in Sweden, this infrared (904 nm) medical laser device is portable, easy to use and built to last with a 2-year warranty for home users.

Using a clinically tested and tailored treatment protocol, of 20 minutes a day, three times a week, the PDCare Laser requires no formal training to use in the comfort of your own home. Large on/off button. Powered by 6 AAA batteries (rechargable recommended).

CE marked and ARTG-listed.


  • Developed by Scientists to meaningfully reduce Parkinson’s symptoms
  • Customers report improvements in sleep, digestion, mood, energy levels, tremor, walking gait and cognition
  • Please note that for most users, results take a minimum of 8 weeks, and up to 12 weeks of laser therapy. Although a small portion of customers respond immediately after only several treatment sessions, changes typically occur overtime, after several weeks of PDCare application
  • Gentle, non-invasive treatment with no downtime
  • No medication changes are required, unless recommended by your own prescribing physician
  • Expert support from our worldwide clinical team of qualified healthcare professionals. Please contact us to set up a video appointment or email your questions at
  • Rechargeable batteries can be used

See Research Articles in BMC Neurology. or Photobiomodulation, Photomedicine, and Laser Surgery (PPL) 


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  • Two Year Manufacturing Warranty, for home or personal use, from the date of purchase
  • Warranty is limited to general use under authorised conditions as described in the instruction manual enclosed with your purchase
  • Commercial users are provided with a 1 year warranty from the date of purchase.
  • Before returning your device, we ask all customers to unscrew the back of device with a small screwdriver and replace the batteries with 6 x new AAA batteries
  • Please email us at within 30 days of the product fault event. You will need to provide your name, the date of your purchase, the nature of the alleged defect and the serial number of the product and we will assist you promptly
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Technical parameters 

  • Wavelength: 904 nm (near infrared)
  • No. of Laser Diodes: 2
  • Average Output Power: 2 x 30 mW
  • Total Output Power: 60 mW
  • Frequency: 50 Hz
  • Beam Shape: Divergent
  • Battery Time: Approx. 3-4 hours
  • Battery Type: 6 pcs LR03 AAA 1.5 V
  • Laser Class: 1
  • Medical Laser Class: 2a
  • Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG): 335443
  • CE Mark: 0413
  • Measurements: H17 cm x W5.5 cm x D3 cm 
  • Weight: 225 gm

How To Use