PDCare Laser Parkinson's Disease Treatment

PDCare Laser

Are you suffering from Parkinson's Disease?

Relieve Parkinson’s symptoms with our PDCare laser device by SYMBYX

Relieve PD Symptoms with PDCare Laser Therapy

Every case of Parkinson’s is slightly different so see what light therapy can do for you today

PDCare Laser Parkinson's Disease Treatment

Relieve Parkinson’s symptoms with PDCare laser device

  • The PDCare Laser emits 904 nanometers of precise, super-pulsed laser energy to stimulate the gut to produce dopamine
  • Light therapy by SYMBYX is backed by peer reviewed science - with improvements in Parkinson’s symptoms maintained for as long as treatment continued*


SYMBYX is focused on developing light therapies for intractable conditions like Parkinson’s, Fibromyalgia, IBS and Chronic pain, as well as understanding the role of the gut microbiome in restoring health.

Ground-breaking research was published on 2 July 2021 involving 52 week trial of light therapy on people living with Parkinson’s, in BMC Neurology Journal

It’s the loss of dopamine in the brain that causes Parkinson’s disease, but what most people don’t realise is that half our dopamine actually comes from the gut! 

“Measures of (Parkinson’s) patient mobility, cognition, dynamic balance and fine motor skills were significantly improved with photobiomodulation (light) treatment” (Link to BMC Neurology Journal July 2021)

PDCare Laser Parkinson's Disease Treatment

Backed by Peer-Reviewed Science

Restoring blood flow and stimulating mitochondria within your body.

Drug Free Therapy

Drug free laser therapy that doesn't interact with your other medications.

PDCare Laser Parkinson's Disease Treatment

Two Year Warranty

All of our products come with a two year warranty for home and personal use. Quality Medical grade devices made in Sweden.

Pain Free Laser Treatment

Giving you the control to seek relief in the comfort of your home.

CLIENTS FEEDBACK PD symptoms with PDCare Laser therapy

PDCare Laser Parkinson's Disease Treatment


South Island of New Zealand

“The very first thing I noticed was that certain smells I hadn't smelt in a very long time had returned.Not completely but definitely enough to enjoy them.

The next thing I found very encouraging was a reduction in my general brain fog - it's hard to explain but I absolutely feel mentally sharper”

PDCare Laser Parkinson's Disease Treatment


Sydney, Australia

 "Hi my name is Kevin and I am a 49 year old father of four teenagers who lives in Sydney. I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 2014.

In addition to living a healthy lifestyle, eating well, exercising regularly and taking my medications, I have become a regular user of the PDCare Laser.

I feel like PDCare has slowed both my cognitive and physical decline considerably without any noticeable negative side-effects. My medications also appear to be more effective."

PDCare Laser Parkinson's Disease Treatment

Wife of husband living with PD, Victoria

“It's been 5-weeks since Rob, my husband, started using SYMBYX's PDCare. We've found it very easy and non-invasive, particularly during the Covid-19 lockdown. It's now part of our morning routine.

I have noticed a significant turn-around in Rob’s general apathy from prior to starting the treatment. He can now do what is asked of him much more easily.

He uses more initiative around the house, and has gone back to listening to his favourite music. His voice is stronger and he is sturdier on his feet when he exercises.”

PDCare Laser is easy to use, painless, drug free, does not interact with Parkinson’s medications 

How to Use the PDCare Laser

Apply the laser to clean, dry skin 3 times a week for ~20 minutes across the gut area as shown in the photo.

For laser therapy to be effective in reducing Parkinson’s symptoms, the usage parameters*, must be ‘just right’, or like Goldilocks.

Trust the science backed laser company and team at SYMBYX in your Parkinson’s journey.

*Parameters like the precise wavelength, laser power, pulse parameters, energy density, total joules emitted, body location and frequency of treatment

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