PhysioCare Laser for Lymphoedema

PhysioCare Laser for Lymphoedema

Reduce the chronic pain and swelling of Lymphoedema with PhysioCare laser therapy

Reduce Chronic Pain Now
PhysioCare Laser for Lymphoedema

The PhysioCare Laser by SYMBYX

The PhysioCare Laser by SYMBYX is a handheld, super-pulsed device that is painless and easy to use at home or on the go.

Three RCT’s* found laser therapy was associated with statistically significant reduction in pain for women with upper extremity breast cancer related lymphoedema. (*Random Control Trials by peer reviewed science)

How Laser Treatment Using PhysioCare Works

Laser treatment using the PhysioCare eases Lymphoedema in a non invasive, drug free way:

  • It Promotes blood flow and higher density of lymph capillaries
  • Increases frequency of lymph node muscle contractions
  • Stimulates general activity in the lymphatic system
  • Reactivates an overloaded lymphatic system
PhysioCare Laser for Lymphoedema

Backed by Peer-Reviewed Science

Restoring blood flow and stimulating mitochondria within your body.

Drug Free Therapy

Drug free laser therapy that doesn't interact with your other medications.

Two Year Warranty

All of our products come with a two year warranty for home and personal use.

Pain Free Laser Treatment

Giving you the control to seek relief in the comfort of your home.

PhysioCare Laser for Lymphoedema

Treatment is quick and easy

Apply the device over the lymphatic pathways, mostly on the affected side for ~30 seconds at each point, or on both sides if swelling is on both sides.

Total treatment time should take 2-3 minutes at most for 3-5 times weekly. 

Restore normal function to your daily post chemo life NOW

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