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Tony Wilkinson, Cork, Ireland – talking about Parkinson's and SYMBYX laser therapy

My name is Tony Wilkinson and I am Chair of Cork Parkinson's Association, Ireland. I have had for the last six odd years issues with sleep and pain, waking up in pain with 3-4 times a night. I have now been using the light therapy for the last six odd weeks and I have had restful sleep. It's been, for me, very  life changing. For my wife as well, not kicking her out of bed or disturbing her sleep - Its been huge!

Geoffrey Bray, UK – talking about Parkinson's and the PDCare Laser

Despite being instructed by my consultant not to google – I did! And I came across the SYMBYX website. The message seemed positive, and I decided to order. The SYMBYX laser seemed to be a good example of how technology could impact on Parkinson's symptoms. It was therefore not a difficult decision.

I noticed a change in symptoms about 6- 8 weeks after starting laser. There was a noticeable improvement with my resting tremor, possibly a 30-40% reduction. There was also a slight improvement in my sense of smell, although this can come and go. My speaking voice has also improved. Prior to using the laser I struggled, at times, to articulate things clearly....there was a “pregnant pause” before I could say what I wanted to. 
I have not allowed Parkinson's to impact negatively on my life. Resting tremor is the symptom that irritates me most. I am hopeful that continuous use of the laser will further reduce the tremor – hopefully to zero, but if not then to a level where it’s more easily managed. Approach new technology with an open mind. It's only by embracing new thinking that change takes place. However, it is important to accept that Parkinson’s is life changing and that there needs to be a discipline in the overall management of the symptoms. I believe that the SYMBYX laser should be part of a holistic Parkinson's protocol.

Nigel and Tessa, UK – talking about Parkinson's and the PDCare Laser

 “Before starting SYMBYX, I was slowing down quickly. Tessa frequently commented that I was shuffling while walking. I tired more easily and needed a daily rest. I just didn’t feel myself and everything had suddenly become a struggle. I love golfing and walking with Tessa. I didn’t have the initiative to do these any longer.” Tessa’s adds, “I had noticed that Nigel’s mood had deteriorated, his facial expressions were muted, he was becoming far less animated and generally slower. He was constantly sapped of energy. He wasn’t the Nigel I know.” 

Tessa says, “I am a nurse by training and was pretty sceptical. I was supportive of Nigel trying a new but safe and approved therapy but I wasn’t prepared to believe blindly. I am Nigel’s primary carer. I’ve been there every step of the way on his Parkinson’s journey and I’m certainly not a pushover, regardless of the supporting evidence.” 

“The SYMBYX PDCare Laser (and more recently the NeuroCare helmet) has become a part of my weekly routine. It is portable and simple to use. The feedback I have had from family and friends has been very positive. They continuously tell me that I am better than I was several years ago. In particular, they say I am far more animated, show greater facial expression and that my overall appearance is much improved. I feel more in control, confident and motivated to pursue other activities that improve my overall health – maintaining a healthy diet, daily exercise. I continue to play regular golf three times a week, walk without an aid, walking daily with our dog plus an exercise routine each day on an exercise bike."

Tessa says, “The SYMBYX laser has been a very beneficial resource in Nigel’s battle with Parkinson’s. He has had Parkinson’s for over 12 years and to a large extent now leads a normal life. Since using the laser over the last 12 months, I have definitely noticed that Nigel’s mood has lifted, his facial movements have improved, his outlook is brighter and his energy levels and ability to interact with friends and family is back to where it was five years ago. The PDCare laser has greatly assisted Nigel and we could not be more positive in recommending it to other people living with Parkinson’s."

Nigel has had Parkinson's for 12 years and uses the PDCare Laser 3 times a week (and more recently the NeuroCare helmet 5 times a week). He is pictured wearing a test version of SYMBYX's newest product, launching soon, the NeuroCare helmet. 

Jorge and partner Michèle, Ecuador, living with Parkinson’s – talking about the PDCare Laser

Jorge: “I had no energy, always felt tired. I also had dizziness, rigidity and balance issues when walking. I read some studies about photobiomodulation and its effect on Parkinson’s disease, everything made sense and I had nothing to lose trying this treatment, but many things to be hopeful for.”‘Within a few weeks I started to notice change in symptoms. I noticed I had more energy and motivation; the dizziness and balance issues were also gradually disappearing.'

Michèle: “He was so scared of falling, but now he walks fast and confidently, I can hardly keep up with him when we go hiking together! His general rigidity has subsided. I love seeing his beautiful smile every morning, and how happy, motivated and energised he feels.I believe hope is a very powerful motivator, especially when you’re dealing with an illness that is said to have no cure but a negative progression. Photobiomodulation has given us a reason to be hopeful and dare to think of the future in a positive way.I was so afraid when my husband received his Parkinson’s diagnosis, he’s such a wonderful man and my best friend. I love him so much and can’t stand the idea of seeing him suffer and deteriorate. With PDCare and the results, we are achieving, there’s more and more reasons to replace fear with hope; we trust in science and in the wonderful people behind SYMBYX.”

Norman and Carol - SYMBYX Laser and Parkinson's Disease

I am continuously searching the world for complementary therapies to help alleviate my symptoms. I had DBS surgery , and I am on the levodopa medications, have a full exercise and physiotherapy weekly routine and remain an avid golfer. I led a very active professional life prior to my diagnosis and am committed to living as normal a life as possible. I am neither defined or limited by my situation. I am a very social person and enjoy being an active and full member of my small Scottish [country] town community”. “I used to take up to 16 pain tablets a day. This was wreaking havoc with my digestion and mental health. The pain episodes were getting more frequent and my mood was getting worse. I am a very active and positive person but the pain episodes started to wear me down.” Carol says ”Norman is such a positive force. He’s very, very social, always the life of the party. To see him in pain was heartbreaking. But he’s a fighter and he doesn’t take no for an answer. He researches new therapies all the time.” 

“I frequently search the internet for helpful advice, therapies and upcoming clinical trials on Parkinson’s. There isn’t much new or even good news in this area. The rate of progress has been very slow. I recently came across this small Australian company, SYMBYX, who had published [in 2021] very interesting new trial data based on laser light delivered to the gut. The team was very credible, well credentialed and provided a simple and realistic explanation on how their therapy might help reduce Parkinson’s symptoms. This wasn’t pitched as a cure, but rather as a way to experience some relief. I thought the SYMBYX laser was worth a go.” Carol says, “Norman always takes responsibility for identifying new therapeutic approaches himself. He had already ordered the PDCare Laser by the time he told me.” 

“The SYMBYX team were very friendly and helpful. They explained carefully how best to use the device. After approximately 6 weeks on the therapy, I began asking Carol [my wife] for less pain relief. I felt significantly more energised. After subsequent sessions (using PDCare Laser) the results were fantastic. I had stopped taking all pain relief completely.” Carol says, “Norman stopped asking me for pain tablets several months ago. I asked him if he was taking them on the side. He just didn’t need them any longer. He was so pleased with himself, it was lovely to see. He wanted to play golf all weekend, I had to stop him.” 

“When I was having a bad day, I couldn’t play even one round of golf. I can currently play 18 holes without an issue – in fact, I’ve even played a second round immediately afterwards on the odd occasion. The main difference now is that I have enough energy to participate fully with the family when I get home. I no longer feel totally wiped out when I return home. Doing what matters most is so important to one’s quality of life!” Carol says, “Besides the golf, Norman was in much better spirits. His pain was constant, it was really wearing thin on him. It was so pleasing to see the smile on his face once again. "

"You have nothing to lose. SYMBYX are now reporting up to 3 years of sustained improvements in those on the laser therapy. That’s incredible and starting to look like being neuro protective. The fact that the therapy seems to be slowing disease progression is absolutely amazing. I am living proof. "

Laurel from Colorado, USA diagnosed with Parkinson's - talking about the PDCare Laser.

After being diagnosed with Parkinson's over three years ago, I was determined to do whatever I could to keep my activity level where it was in the past for as long as I could. I continued with yoga classes, walking, and learned special exercise routines formulated for PD patients. When a friend told me about the light therapy treatments in Australia, I decided to check into it and am so glad I did.Within days of my first use, I noticed that constipation issues were improving markedly and have remained so over the three months I have used the Symbyx PDCare. Gradually, I also noticed improvement in my energy level and the fine motor skills in my hands and fingers. I could type easier and faster and my longhand writing improved significantly. I also noticed improvement in smell and can taste food better - always a good thing! I thought I would likely need to increase my medication dosage the next time I went to the neurologist - but since using the light therapy, I do not feel I need a higher dosage and have also noticed that I do not have any off times between my medication doses. I feel optimistic and encouraged with my improvements, and the Symbyx has contributed to that feeling!

Nick from Melbourne - PhysioCare and Tennis elbow

"Even though I'm reasonably fit and play tennis often I have always had a lot of body niggles - including a tennis elbow that was often quite painful after a long match. I have noticed a huge improvement in all these “niggles” after using the laser (PhysioCare). It’s so easy to use. I usually apply it for a couple of minutes around my elbow, or on my neck and shoulder area - wherever I feel a bit of inflammation - and I find that I am totally pain free these days."

Don from Sydney, Australia, living with Parkinson's - talking about the PDCare Laser.

In 2021 a friend, who had known of my enthusiasm for laser therapy, noticed an on-line report on the hand-held, battery driven SYMBYX laser. I immediately placed an order.After a month or two of using the laser therapy, the pain and discomfort in my back had reduced; the dull pain in my gut had become less of a concern; and I seem to suffer much less from the tremors in my arms and legs that are the bane of many people with PD.The laser therapy is now an important component in the comprehensive list of things I do to contain my PD, and which also includes neuro-physiotherapy, strength training, voice therapy, stationary bike exercises, walking, and the course of tablets recommended by my neurologist.As a result, I am confident my Parkinson's Disease will be less restrictive on my lifestyle – and I feel I am better placed to get on with enjoying my life.Everyone I spoke with from the SYMBYX Team, including the Clinical support provides excellent customer service, and took the time to answer all of my questions.

Suzanne from Sydney, Australia, living with Parkinson's - talking about the PDCare Laser

 "I bought the PDCare because it had the advantage of being portable so I could use it anywhere, including at home. The feeling I had with the orthostatic tremor was sheer panic, like I was going to pass out. After using the PDCare it all went ! It was like a miracle to me. I am a very great fan of the device and the overall effects on people with Parkinson. Im my case, the tremor is virtually gone.


It’s a privilege to play a part in your progress

"PD device has been amazing in helping me with my Parkinson’s, I have still the trembling, but not anything like the whole body shaking which meant having to have a walker or stick close at hand. Thank you so very much, it’s been a life saver."


"I have found that my sleep time has increased from an average of 4 hours per night to six hours and of late I have slept 8 hours, I have also noticed that my constipation seems to be lessening. This has started after almost 8 weeks of use…"


“I definitely feel that I move more freely since I have been using the SYMBYX Biome. Also I feel that my gut is acting a little more gently. I am very happy with it. My husband is borrowing it to use on his arthritic hands and he has also noticed an improvement.” 


"I feel with steady use I’m seeing some improvements Tremor more in control. Noticing it when I do crosswords and other puzzles; my printing much more legible. Also balancing that I do during workouts; I’m holding balance on one leg and they can be held a few seconds longer."


"I have had significant improvement in my walking. My gait is much smoother making walking enjoyable again.
First time in 11 years."


“I have used the laser for 3 months and have noticed a big improvement in flexibility and posture. I can think more clearly and can play scrabble again instead of being very slow to have a turn. l look forward to having my fibromyalgia symptoms disappear or improve too.”  


“After six weeks the tremor that remained with Madopar medication has disappeared. My walking has greatly improved - faster and more fluid. My energy level has returned to close to normal - my morning “slump” has gone. My sense of smell has improved.” 


"Have noticed and improvement in balance and movement and my wife says the hands are steadier. "


"After using the PD laser for 9 weeks I have seen noticeable improvements especially with stiffness in hands and legs early morning and late at night. The 'dips' in symptoms between medications is less pronounced. I seem to feel more energetic.”


"Sleeping better, overall feeling better and more motivated”


"I have noticed that I’m walking with near normal gait and I was able to reduce the medication I am taking. I have also got some of my sense of smell back”


"I have noticed being able to sleep for longer periods of time before waking up. It’s between 4-6 hours instead of the 2-3 hours it used to be. My mood has improved to a small degree and I am hoping to have more improvement with further use of the laser therapy. So far so good. ”


Donna from Melbourne, Australia - talking about the PhysioCare Laser for Fibromyalgia

"I have been using PhysioCare for over 2 months for fibromyalgia. I have noticed an improvement in aching/tenderness in my neck, shoulders and elbows. I use the PhysioCare laser device every day or so and after a couple of weeks of using it I noticed that my aching/pain had really improved. I prefer using the PhysioCare as a drug free alternative. My rheumatologist and GP prescribed medication which I am reluctant to take as a lifelong treatment option. I had a recent flare up in my hip and noticed after using PhysioCare an immediate improvement - as it didn’t feel as painful. Overall it has helped me manage my fibromyalgia symptoms much better than taking pain relief.”

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Lucie from NSW Coast, Australia, whose partner is living with Parkinson's - talking about the PDCare Laser

"Before starting light therapy with SYMBYX, the main thing for Paul was the off periods. They were getting longer and his mood was getting worse. Paul is a really active and energetic person and a sailor, so having to spend increasing amounts of his time each day to deal with off periods was making him depressed. He felt like he couldn’t see a future. That’s where we were.This really concerned us because we thought things were just going to keep getting worse and worse, because doctors told us that’s what happens, that over time the effectiveness of the medication unfortunately wanes.In February this year we started down the path of investigating Deep Brain Surgery at the same time as looking around for therapies that might supplement his meds and enhance their effectiveness. A friend saw an article about light therapy in The Australian newspaper which told how treating the gut microbiome was providing relief for some people with Parkinson’s.After the first session in clinic with SYMBYX Scientist and clinician, Dr Ann Liebert, Paul got an amazing result - immediate relief from constipation. After subsequent sessions (using PDCare Laser) I would describe the results as astounding. Straight away his mood and sleep improved and he stopped getting nightmares. When he gets nightmares they are accompanied by involuntary movements/thrashing about. These went straight away. This was good for him and me - as I sleep with him! He used to wake several times each night and be unable able to get back to sleep. Now he typically sleeps from 10PM - 6AM.When Paul was a having a bad day and loads of bad broken sleeps he wasn’t up for socializing or doing other things he used to enjoy and this affected both of us. That he is having far less bad days/nights now means we have rediscovered our social life and that works for both of us. It’s also true to say I am also sleeping better because he is no longer thrashing around so it’s a win-win as a couple.Having many more better days means we can do all the things we love – sailing, boating, spending time with our family and friends like everyone else does. Before light therapy Paul was having half an hour off time every three hours. This is no longer the case. In fact, he recently forgot to take his meds at 3.30 PM and again at 6.30 PM and at 8 PM we were sitting down playing cards when he realised. We couldn’t believe it! He usually is just waiting for the next pill."What would Lucie say to others? “Grab light therapy with both hands. It’s a no brainer. What we like is that it’s not invasive. There are no chemicals involved so you’re not adding to an already long list of meds. It’s not hazardous and there aren’t any big hoops you have to jump through. For us the results were immediate. That’s the absolute truth! We didn’t need to wait 3 months. This might not be the case with everyone but there’s no downside in trying light therapy (unlike meds) so give it a go!”

Carer of Rob from Mornington Peninsula, Victoria, Australia living with Parkinson's - talking about the PDCare Laser

"It's been 5-weeks since Rob, my husband, started using SYMBYX's PDCare. We've found it very easy and non-invasive, particularly during the Covid-19 lockdown. It's now part of our morning routine. I have noticed a significant turn-around in Rob’s general apathy from prior to starting the treatment. He can now do what is asked of him much more easily. He uses more initiative around the house, and has gone back to listening to his favourite music. His voice is stronger and he is sturdier on his feet when he exercises.Rob is now walking without right foot drop, with increased pace and more upright. Since treatment began, he is also more inclined to say 'Yes' rather than 'No' when asked a question or to participate. He is generally more animated and makes more attempt to challenge himself like trying small jogs during our daily walks. He dresses and shaves more easily. Rob is even initiating conversation again, especially when talking on the phone and is more willing to complete simple tasks such as sending emails and keeping his calendar current."

Anna from England, living with Parkinson's - talking about the PDCare Laser

"I believe it (the PDCare) has had a very positive impact on me and my symptoms over the last few months. I have felt more energetic/less tired, very clear headed and I believe I'm moving better than before - definitely running faster. I also definitely have less stiffness in my right arm and fingers. It seems to further enhance the impact of my medication."

Grace from Melbourne, Australia talking about how she and her husband both use the PDCare Laser - for Fibromyalgia and Parkinson's

My husband and I have both been using the PDCare for a few weeks now. Me for my Fibromyalgia (I have had for 16 years) and for Harvey for his Parkinson's which was diagnosed 5 months ago. We have noticed a difference. My fibromyalgia has subsided. I also use on my arthritic joints, ankles, wrists, thumbs and lower degenerative back. Harvey's hand shakes are less and he seems to be a lot more alert! He has also mentioned that his sense of smell has improved. The PDCare is easy to use. We are excited to see how our body responds in coming months. Here's to a wonderful product!"

Dr Brian, from Queensland, a retired medical doctor, living with Parkinson's - talking about the PDCare Laser

"I am a retired GP (Doctor of General Medicine) and have had PD for about 4 years. I have been using the PD laser according to the protocol for 12 weeks and have improved in many ways. I am sleeping better and stopped dribbling on the pillow at night. Also getting up to the toilet less often, if at all. My walking has improved, and balance, and sense of smell seem better. I still have a tremor at times but my voice is stronger. I am continuing my usual medication. My Neurologist says if it works to continue using the (PDCare) Laser. I attend PD warriors each week with some friends and do exercises at a gym 3 times a week.

Daniela, a World Master's Canoe Champion, from Sydney and Rome, Italy, used to coping with chronic pain - talking about the PhysioCare Laser for arthritic condition 

"I am so grateful for my PhysioCare. I use it twice a day before kayaking training and before going to bed to help with chronic finger pain and stiffness.The functionality of my fingers and hands has definitely improved and I have drastically reduced my daily dosage of anti-inflammatories."

"Felice e soddisfatta del SYMBYX laser, che uso due volte al giorno prima dei miei allenamenti in canoa e prima di andare a dormire, per aiutarmi con la mia artrite. La funzionalità delle mie dita e mani è migliorata notevolmente e ho potuto finalmente ridurre l’uso degli antinfiammatori."

Steve from England, living with chronic pain from a sprained ankle - talking about the PhysioCare Laser for rehabilitation of a sprained ankle

"I used PhysioCare on my foot recently after spraining it badly during an evening run. It was raining heavily and I unfortunately slipped on a driveway grill. My neighbour had told me about the laser, as he had used it daily after an operation on his wrist and recovered remarkably quickly. I was intrigued and grabbed it from him for 2 weeks to use on my foot and ankle. Within a few days I was back to walking and even some pilates classes. It seemed to speed up the healing process considerably, although I still iced and elevated my foot in the first day, too. It was so easy to use and it just felt like a quality device."


 Our community keeps us innovating

"brought this for my mum who is almost 78 and was diagnosed with Parkinson’s 7 years ago. She has been using it for last 2.5 months and her symptoms are very much in control. I can say for sure that it works because apart from massages and the usual medicines, PD Care is the only other new treatment introduced in the last 2.5 months. She now has much less ups and downs in health, can talk in a strong confident voice, does almost every activity that she wants though she tires quickly enough ...Would certainly recommend PD Care."


“I had improvements in sleep & constipation in first 10 days from 4 hours to 6-8 hours sleep and no constipation best result after 7 years of lack of sleep and constipation pain. After 4 weeks; improvement in movement and dyskinesia I started to have a small change that I could occasionally smell. After 6 weeks noticeable improvement with concentration and foggy brain...
My Physio, exercise physio & all my friends commented on how much I had improved & how well I looked. My neurologist commented on how well I looked and how I walked well my gait stride & postural stability has improved ...


"My dad was diagnosed with PD early 2019. Had symptoms mainly on right side with tremors. Also had some issues with digestion, excess saliva, and muscle stiffness. I bought the PDCare and took it to Canada to give to him. 10 weeks in his right hand has stopped shaking. He has strength in his voice and he’s walking more upright. His stiffness has significantly reduced and he’s running on a treadmill for 30 minutes daily. I’m extremely thankful that my curiosity of this device actually hit the mark with providing an alternative therapy that’s slowly but surely giving back some quality of life for my 79 year old father. I can only remain positive and hopeful for more advancements and for more wins than losses. Thank you”


"The results are amazing. Paul has had PD for 21 years. He has had DBS, he was getting to a point where the meds and the stimulator was not keeping up with his deterioration. His reaction to the laser has been amazing. He is sleeping less during the day, he has more energy, his speech has improved, he is playing golf and not getting totally fatigued, his blaspharospasm has decreased significantly. He has been able to organise a high tea for 90 people. In such a short time to have such an incredible improvement is amazing. His neurologist doesn’t want to see him for six months. All in all a wonderful success. Thank you so much.”


Allan from Sydney, Australia living with Chronic Pain - talking about the PhysioCare Laser for Chronic Pain

"My name is Allan and I have been suffering from Chronic Pain for the past 15 years. This has meant ongoing swelling and chronic joint pain, especially in my neck, wrists and elbows. After a little over a week of using the PhysioCare daily on my neck and stomach, I regained significant movement back in my neck - and with only slight discomfort. This was previously only possible during a physiotherapy session."

Cath, from Melbourne, Australia living with a chronic skin condition - talking about the red light DermaCare for dermatitis   

"Just wanted to let you know that my DermaCare has really helped my red, itching, scaly skin condition, especially during lockdowns. If I feel a flare up coming on I apply the laser device and it reduces the severity and length of the flare up. I wanted to let you know that this is the best thing I have tried as I don't need to leave home for yet another Doctor's appointment. It's giving me much relief and control."

Rachel, from New York, USA living with Irritable Bowel Symptoms (IBS) - talking about the PDCare Laser

"I've had bloating and digestive issues for years - on and off. But since I started using the SYMBYX laser for about 15 minutes a couple of times a week across my gut area, I feel so much better. I am happy to have something that I can do at home without having to take pills or see another specialist. 



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