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Treatment Protocol for PDCare Laser for Parkinson's


Please read the instructions below carefully before starting your treatment. The PDCare Laser should be used on the abdomen and back of neck area.

Time to complete: 20 minutes overall. (18 minutes on the abdomen + 2 minutes on back of neck).

Frequency: 3 times per week, with one day of rest between treatments. (For example, Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings)

Turning the Laser On: Press the button gently on the top of device (6) and let go. You should hear four short beeps and see a flashing green light (3). There is no laser emission until the device end (1) is pressed onto the area to be treated. The green light within the ON push button (6) will also be shining.



Part 1: The Abdomen

  • Press the laser end of the device (1) onto the abdomen with enough pressure to turn it on. You will hear one beep as the laser starts working and the green light (3) will remain on.
  • You may be seated, standing or lying down during treatment. 
  • Press the laser device directly onto the bare skin of your abdomen in a 3x3 grid pattern. Use your belly button as the middle spot, and move the laser around each of the 9 spots of the abdomen in any order you choose. The laser will beep every 1 minute of laser treatment.
  • Use the belly button as the middle point of the 9 abdomen areas to be treated. The top 3 spots to treat are just under the ribs. The bottom 3 spots are just below the belly button, and the middle 3 spots include the belly button, and either side of the belly button.
  • You should hold the device on 9 spots on the abdomen for 2 full beeps (ie, 2 minutes of treatment for each of the 9 spots).
  • If at any time during your treatment you release pressure on the laser device and the green light (3) switches off, do not worry. Just start the minute again and continue from where treatment was interrupted.



Part 2: The Back of Neck

  • After completing the abdomen treatment, press the laser against the neck as shown above for 2 beeps (ie, 2 minutes of treatment).
  • You do not need to move the laser device around the neck. 

You have now successfully completed one laser treatment.

Turning the Laser Off: Turn off the device using the button on top of device (6). The green light within the ON push button (6) will now turn off. To double check the laser has been fully turned off, when pressed against skin (or any hard surface) there should be no beeping sound or flashing light.


Battery Care

When your laser is getting low in battery (generally after ~ 4 hours of continuous use), it may start to beep every few seconds. Or it may work for several seconds or even for a minute only, and then beep continuously. These are all signs that your batteries are running low and need replacing.

If your battery is not being turned off fully after each treatment, it will need replacing more often than every 4 hours of continuous use.

Please make sure the laser is turned off fully after each treatment. The green light within the ON/OFF button (6) should be off. 

To change battery please use a small flat head screwdriver to open the back at (5) and replace batteries. Do not over-tighten the screw once batteries are replaced.

Rechargeable AAA batteries may be used. For convenience you may want to purchase 12 AAA rechargeable batteries, and an 8 slot battery charger for recharging batteries every few weeks.