Webinar for Clinicians: Treating Parkinson's Disease with Laser Light Therapy



SYMBYX Biome devices are the only medically-approved laser devices in the world for a reduction in Parkinson’s symptoms. Learn about their groundbreaking research and treatment protocols for reducing motor and non-motor Parkinson’s symptoms using medical-grade and home-use laser devices. In this webinar for clinicians, Clinical Services Team Lead, Dr. Mike Hobbs (DC), will discuss: 
  • Reducing motor and non-motor PD symptoms 
  • Treating PD via the gut-brain axis
  • Helmets vs handheld approaches
  • Applying laser therapy in clinical practice


If you have any questions or are a clinician who would like to speak to Dr Mike Hobbs (Chiro), please reach out to us at info@symbyxbiome.com

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