People first

Founded in 2020 in Sydney, Australia, SYMBYX Biome is deeply inspired by its community, placing them at the heart of our vision. As a customer-led company, we serve people globally, valuing the trust placed in us to enhance their daily lives.

Evidence drives excellence

We surpass expectations by prioritising clinical trials and scientific evidence in the development of our light therapies and medical grade laser devices. Our commitment to evidence drives quality innovation.

Empower through education

We provide a holistic approach to health, combining our medical grade laser devices and wellness light therapy products with valuable education. Our clinician support empowers customers to confidently take control of their health, ensuring a progressive and informed journey.

Innovation is in our DNA

We relentlessly innovate, pushing the boundaries of light therapy to achieve world-class solutions. By embracing curiosity and constant development, we live on the edge of innovation.

Meet Our Team

We’re a dedicated team collaborating with world-class experts to create clinically backed, next-generation medical lasers and wellness light therapy devices. Our goal is to empower you to take control of your life with our range of medical laser devices and transcranial wellness devices. Our medical laser range improves the lives of those with chronic conditions like Parkinson’s, fibromyalgia and more.

Our intuitive therapies are designed for at-home use, with ongoing support from our clinicians just a call or email away.

Board of Directors

Peter Carre

Co-Founder & Chairman AB (Harvard); JD (Boston University)

Dr Wayne Markman (Chiro)

Co-Founder & CEO BA (Macalester College); MBA (Harvard); BChiro/MChiro (Macquarie Uni)

Ms Sally Macdonald

Non-Executive Director; BComm, (University of Melbourne); MBA (Harvard)

Mr Michael Quinn

Non-Executive Director; BSci (University of Western Australia); MBA (Harvard)

Scientific Collaborators

Dr Ann Liebert (PhD)

Co-Founder, Scientific Advisor

Dr Brian Bicknell (PhD)

Co-Founder, Scientific Advisor

Dr Roberta Chow (MD, PhD)

Medical Advisor

Ms Anita Saltmarche (RN, MPH)

Research Partner, Toronto, Canada​,

Orla Hares (Neurophysiotherapist)

Research Partner, Hamilton, Canada​

Dr Joyce Ramos (PhD)

Research Partner, Flinders University, South Australia​,

Dr Geoffrey Herkes (MD, Neurologist)

SAN Hospital, Director Research, Research Partner

Dr Liisa Laakso (PhD)

Research Partner, Mater Research Brisbane, Australia

Dr Tatjana Ewais (Clinical Psychiatrist, PhD)

Research Partner, Mater Research Brisbane, Australia

Professor Hosen Kiat (MD)

Cardiologist, Macquarie University, Scientific Advisor

Dr John Mitrofanis (PhD)

Research Partner, University of Grenoble, France​

Professor Margaret Naeser (PhD)

Boston, USA, Research Partner

Dr Daniel Johnstone (PhD)

Newcastle University, Scientific Advisor

Clinicial Support

Dr Katie MacRae (Chiro)

Clinical Manager (Asia-Pacific & ROW); BScHK (Hons), BChiroSc, MChiro

Dr Michael Hobbs (Chiro)

Research and Clinical Sales Manager (Europe); BChiroSc, MChiro

Sasha Baggaley

Clinician (UK & Ireland); MCSP, HCPC

Dr Lily Kulkula (Chiro)

Clinician (Australia), BExSci, MChiro

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