SYMBYX launches a Clinician Program in Australia and NZ for Parkinson's laser

SYMBYX’s new PDCare home clinician program allows customers to experience a no obligation 30-day trial period and extended payment terms on their purchase of a PDCare laser provided they work closely with a referring health clinician during the course of treatment. Health professionals are provided additional training and support from SYMBYX so they can treat their clients living with Parkinson's with deep knowledge and confidence at all times. 

This program is only available to health professionals in Australia and New Zealand at this time. We look forward to expanding this program to more countries overtime. 

If you are a health professional who would like to participate in this program please contact us at

Please note that we have since expanded this program to Canada and the UK, where patient's may trial the therapy in clinic (only) before making a purchase decision for at-home treatment.

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