PDCare Laser

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The PDCare by SYMBYX is the first ever clinical grade laser designed and approved for home use to reduce symptoms of Parkinson's. 

Improve your gut microbiome and digestion. Manage pain. Increase restful sleep. Reduce inflammation. Stimulate cell energy production.

Super-pulsed technology - non-heating, safe, painless, yet intense enough to penetrate skin, tissue, muscle and body fat. 

Made in Sweden - infrared (904 nm) medical laser - Portable, easy to use and built to last with a 1-year warranty for home users.

Apply light therapy in the comfort of your own home, at work, or on the go with a clinically tested treatment protocol of 20 minutes a day, three times a week.  

No formal training required - Large on/off button for easy use. Powered by 6 AAA batteries (rechargable recommended). 

Enhance your well-being with SYMBYX light therapy for Parkinson's - Start your journey to relief today.

CE marked and ARTG-listed.

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    Backed by Medical Evidence

    1 Year Warranty

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    • Developed by Scientists to meaningfully reduce Parkinson’s symptoms
    • Customers report improvements in sleep, digestion, mood, energy levels, tremor, walking gait and cognition
    • Please note that for most users, results take a minimum of 8 weeks, and up to 12 weeks of laser therapy. Although a small portion of customers respond immediately after only several treatment sessions, changes typically occur overtime, after several weeks of PDCare application
    • Gentle, non-invasive treatment with no downtime
    • No medication changes are required, unless recommended by your own prescribing physician
    • Expert support from our worldwide clinical team of qualified healthcare professionals. Please email your questions at clinicalsupport@symbyxbiome.com
    • Rechargeable batteries can be used

    See Research Articles in BMC Neurology. or Photobiomodulation, Photomedicine, and Laser Surgery (PPL) 

    Safety Precautions and Contraindications for SYMBYX devices can be found here. If you have any questions, please contact our clinical support team today clinicalsupport@symbyxbiome.com

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    • One Year Manufacturer Warranty, for home or personal use, from the date of purchase
    • Warranty is limited to general use under authorised conditions as described in the instruction manual enclosed with your purchase
    • Before returning your device, we ask all customers to unscrew the back of device with a small screwdriver and replace the batteries with 6 x new AAA batteries
    • In the event of a product fault, please email us at info@symbyxbiome.com within 30 days. You will need to provide your name, the date of your purchase, the nature of the alleged defect and the serial number of the product and we will assist you promptly
    • Only once your return is accepted will we send you a return shipping label, as well as instructions on how and where to send your package. Items returned without prior approval will not be accepted
    • SYMBYX does not offer refunds in change of mind situations. Our lasers are approved medical devices and in accordance with other therapies, will have varying effects on different individuals. SYMBYX offers all customers access to a clinical team of healthcare professionals clinicians trained to assist in optimising the laser therapy.
    • Wavelength: 904 nm (near infrared)
    • No. of Laser Diodes: 2
    • Average Output Power: 2 x 30 mW
    • Total Output Power: 60 mW
    • Frequency: 50 Hz
    • Battery Time: Approx. 3-4 hours
    • Battery Type: 6 pcs LR03 AAA 1.5 V
    • Laser Class: 1
    • Medical Laser Class: 2a
    • Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG): 335443
    • CE Mark: 0413
    • Measurements: H17 cm x W5.5 cm x D3 cm
    • Weight: 225 gm


    *Backed by Science

    30 + years of scientific evidence, 4,000 + peer reviewed and published scientific reports and hundreds of additional clinical trials underpinning the benefits.

    *Easy to use and non-invasive

    No surgery. No swallowing or injecting of medicines. Appropriate for home use. Can continue medication (if currently taking) *Pain free: Some patients may feel mild warmth during treatment but the treatment itself is painless.

    *Drug free

    No synthetic substances are introduced into your body. Laser therapy is completely natural. As always, please consult with a qualified medical professional before any changes are made to your regular care routine.

    There are no known or reported adverse side effects. However, please note that we do not recommend treatment over primary or secondary tumours, on pregnant women, on patients who have experienced strokes or who may be photosensitive (i.e., sensitive to light as with many epilepsy patients), or over tattooed body areas. SYMBYX lasers should also never be used near the eyes, genitals or thyroid area.

    Research measuring the impact of PBM on reducing Parkinson’s symptoms in a group of Adelaide, Australia-based patients was published in BMC Neurology, a leading UK science journal. The BMC Manuscript concluded that:

    "PBM was shown to be a safe and potentially effective treatment for a range of clinical signs and symptoms of PD. Improvements were maintained for as long as treatment continued, for up to one year in a neurodegenerative disease where decline is typically expected. Home treatment of PD by the person themselves or with the help of a carer might be an effective therapy option. The results of this study indicate that a large RCT (Randomised Control Trial) is warranted”.

    Why Light Therapy for Parkinson's?

    At an optimal wavelength, intensity and exposure time, light aimed at human tissue sets off a series of biochemical events that can result in chronic pain relief, reduced inflammation, and even increased dopamine and serotonin production in the colon.

    Part 1: The Abdomen

    • Press the laser end of the device (1) onto the abdomen with enough pressure to turn it on. You will hear one beep as the laser starts working and the green light (3) will remain on.
    • You may be seated, standing or lying down during treatment.
    • Press the laser device directly onto the bare skin of your abdomen in a 3x3 grid pattern. Use your belly button as the middle spot, and move the laser around each of the 9 spots of the abdomen in any order you choose. The laser will beep every 1 minute of laser treatment.
    • Use the belly button as the middle point of the 9 abdomen areas to be treated. The top 3 spots to treat are just under the ribs. The bottom 3 spots are just below the belly button, and the middle 3 spots include the belly button, and either side of the belly button.
    • You should hold the device on 9 spots on the abdomen for 2 full beeps (ie, 2 minutes of treatment for each of the 9 spots).
    • If at any time during your treatment you release pressure on the laser device and the green light (3) switches off, do not worry. Just start the minute again and continue from where treatment was interrupted.

    Part 2: The Back of Neck

        After completing the abdomen treatment, press the laser against the neck as shown above for 2 beeps (ie, 2 minutes of treatment).
        You do not need to move the laser device around the neck.

    You have now successfully completed one laser treatment.

    Turning the Laser Off: Turn off the device using the button on top of device (6). The green light within the ON push button (6) will now turn off. To double check the laser has been fully turned off, when pressed against skin (or any hard surface) there should be no beeping sound or flashing light.