SYMBYX: New Australian Medtech Company Launches Revolutionising Parkinson's Treatment with Innovative Light Therapy Devices

SYMBYX, a pioneering medtech company based in Sydney, is proud to announce its formation and mission to develop innovative light therapy devices and therapies for individuals with intractable conditions. SYMBYX has commenced business with the launch of its first medical device approved to alleviate the debilitating symptoms of Parkinson's disease. The other two products in the SYMBYX range include a device called the PhysioCare Laser, approved for the reduction of Fibromyalgia, chronic pain and inflammation, as well as the DermaCare device, a red light therapy laser useful for the at-home treatment of lymphoedema, peripheral neuropathy, scar and wound healing. 


Led by co-founder and chief executive Wayne Markman, SYMBYX is poised to disrupt the global landscape of Parkinson's treatment. Markman, a qualified Chiropractor who has experience as an investment banker and consultant specialising in M&A in the tech and healthcare sectors, across US, Asia, Europe and Australia, brings a wealth of expertise in commercialising medical technologies. 


"SYMBYX is revolutionising the way Parkinson's patients are treated worldwide and is proudly involved in a number of clinical trials, in IBD/Ulcerative Colitis as well as Parkinson’s, which are the first of their kind," says Markman. "Our devices utilise focused light therapy to effectively decrease neurodegenerative and/or metabolic disease symptoms, often by positively influencing cell mitochondria, the gut microbiome and the gut-brain connection. Numerous high-quality, peer-reviewed studies have established a close relationship between the brain and the gut, which is pivotal in understanding and addressing chronic diseases. 


Markman was drawn to the technology due to its potential as a superior alternative to existing Parkinson's drugs, which often come with insidious side effects. With the assistance of company chairman Peter Carre, Markman spearheaded the commercialisation efforts and adeptly navigated the complex global regulatory landscape. All SYMBYX devices have already received regulatory approval in Europe, Asia, and Australia, and the company is actively seeking FDA approval in the United States. 


"At SYMBYX, we are a team of dedicated and informed health professionals driven by the healing benefits and power of light therapy," says CEO Wayne Markman. "We are committed to making a real difference in our customers' lives by providing research-based medical devices that are non-invasive, painless, and drug-free. Our ultimate goal is to deliver excellent results for our patients and business partners in all that we do." 


SYMBYX's launch marks a significant milestone in the field of medical technology, offering hope and groundbreaking solutions for individuals living with chronic diseases. With strong support from investors in Europe, the United States, and Australia, including Australian industry luminaries such as ResMed founder Peter Farrell and Graham Bradley, SYMBYX is well-positioned for significant growth in the coming years.  


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SYMBYX is an Australian-based med-tech company focused on developing innovative light therapy devices for the direct-to-consumer market. With a mission to assist individuals with intractable diseases, SYMBYX aims to revolutionise the treatment of Parkinson's disease and other chronic conditions through the power of light therapy. Led by a team of experienced professionals and supported by prominent investors, SYMBYX is committed to advancing medical technology and improving patient outcomes worldwide. 

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