The only medical grade laser approved to reduce Parkinson’s symptoms.

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Research backed. 6000+ peer-revoewed scientific studies reporting on the restorative benefits of photobiomodulation.
Easy to use. The SYMBYX lasers make light therapy easy to apply from the comfort and convenience of your own home.
Ongoing clinical support from health professionals is available to all SYMBYX customers.
Relief from common Parkinson's Symptoms
Clinical trials and customers have reported the following benefits after 10-12 weeks of SYMBYX light therapy:

Customer Testimonials

PDCare for Parkinson's

"Before starting light therapy with SYMBYX, the main thing for (my partner) Paul was the off periods in Parkinson's. They were getting longer and his mood was getting worse.

Paul is a really active and energetic person and a sailor, so having to spendincreasing amounts of his time each day to deal with off periods was making him depressed. He felt like he couldn’t see a future. That’s where we were.This really concerned us because we thought things were just going to keep getting worse and worse, because doctors told us that’s what happens, that over time the effectiveness of the medication unfortunately wanes.

In February this year we started down the path of investigating Deep Brain Surgery at the same time as looking around for therapies that might supplement his meds and enhance their effectiveness. A friend saw an article about light therapy in The Australian newspaper which told how treating the gut microbiome was providing relief for some people with Parkinson’s.

After the first session with SYMBYX, Paul got an amazing result - immediate relief from constipation. After subsequent sessions (using the PDCare Laser at home) I would describe the results as astounding. Straight away his mood and sleep improved and he stopped getting nightmares. When he gets nightmares they are accompanied by involuntary movements/thrashing about. These went straight away. This was good for him and me - as I sleep with him!

He used to wake several times each night and be unable able to get back to sleep. Now he typically sleeps from 10PM - 6AM.When Paul was a having a bad day and loads of bad broken sleeps he wasn’t up for socializing or doing other things he used to enjoy and this affected both of us. That he is having far less bad days/nights now means we have rediscovered our social life and that works for both of us. It’s also true to say I am also sleeping better because he is no longer thrashing around so it’s a win-win as a couple.

Having many more better days means we can do all the things we love – sailing, boating, spending time with our family and friends like everyone else does. Before light therapy Paul was having half an hour off time every three hours. This is no longer the case. In fact, he recently forgot to take his meds at 3.30 PM and again at 6.30 PM and at 8 PM we were sitting down playing cards when he realised. We couldn’t believe it! He usually is just waiting for the next pill.

What would I say about light therapy to others? Grab light therapy with both hands. It’s a no brainer. What we like is that it’s not invasive. There are no chemicals involved so you’re not adding to an already long list of meds. It’s not hazardous and there aren’t any big hoops you have to jump through. For us the results were immediate. That’s the absolute truth! We didn’t need to wait 3 months. This might not be the case with everyone but there’s no downside in trying light therapy so give it a go!”

Hand dexterity improved

"I use both the SYMBYX helmet and the laser, and it's made a big difference in my hand dexterity. I love to knit - a little crocheting, but mainly knitting. Before (SYMBYX), I wasn't able to do a lot of knitting; there were only certain times during the day that I could knit because I would experience a little wearing off of the medication, and I wouldn't have the hand dexterity. But now, I can pick up knitting at any time during the day!"

PD will be less restrictiveon my lifestyle!

"In 2021 a friend, who had known of my enthusiasm for laser therapy, noticed an online report on the hand-held, battery driven SYMBYX laser. I immediately placed an order. After a month or two of using the laser therapy, the pain and discomfort in my back had reduced; the dull pain in my gut had become less of a concern; and I seem to suffer much less from the tremors in my arms and legs that are the bane of many people with PD.

The laser therapy is now an important component in the comprehensive list of things I do to contain my Parkinson's, and which also includes neuro-physiotherapy, strength training, voice therapy, stationary bike exercises, walking, and the course of tablets recommended by my neurologist. As a result, I am confident my Parkinson's Disease will be less restrictive on my lifestyle – and I feel I am better placed to get on with enjoying my life.

Everyone I spoke with from SYMBYX, including the Clinical Support Team provide

PDCare for Parkinson's

"I was diagnosed in August 2019 even though by then I’d had symptoms for a while. I think I ignored my tremor because I was still grieving the passing of my Dad. He had died with in 2018 and had Parkinson’s too. My dad was very negative about his illness and, perhaps, I didn’t want to face up to the possibility I might have the same disease. Then, I decided that at my age there had to be options. I felt too young to just submit to the disease. I went and saw an integrative medical doctor who was very open minded and suggested I try both acupuncture and light therapy in addition to seeing a neurologist.

For me too, it’s really important to help other people my age, who have years yet to live a full life. This disease affects people of all ages, not just people who are very old, and I feel like it’s become my purpose to help people my age live better with Parkinson’s. I want them to know there are options and those options, like light therapy, can work. They just have to be open to trying it."

Easy at-home light therapy
  • We use a laser treatment that targets the gut and the nervous system, stimulating the gut-brain connection
  • 20 minutes, three days a week
  • Results in 10-12 weeks

*Customers seeking even faster treatment times may want to purchase the DuoCare 904 Laser.

How light therapy benefits Parkinson's

SYMBYX photobiomodulation (light therapy) involves a clinically tested protocol of super-pulsed, near infrared light therapy which achieves biochemical reactions in the body

Reduces inflammation which leads to better gut wall integrity

Enhanced integrity of the gut wall results in reduced gut leakage, effectively slowing down the transmission of alpha-synuclein proteins from the gut to the brain. This fosters a stronger barrier against the spread of these proteins, safeguarding brain health and function.

Facilitates healthier digestion and improves gut microbiome

Our treatment amplifies bacterial activity known for generating beneficial metabolites, particularly short-chain fatty acids (SCFAs). One noteworthy SCFA is butyrate, which exerts a significant influence on vagus nerve fibres (afferents) and potentially safeguards dopamine production in the central nervous system.

Improves circulation

SYMBYX light or photobiomodulation therapy increases nitric oxide (NO) levels, widening blood vessels and promoting localised blood flow.

Increases cell mitochondrial function

Parkinson’s is increasingly known as a mitochondrial dysfunction.

Increases energy levels

Enhances cell’s ability to repair itself by reducing oxidative stress levels

Enhances cell’s ability to repair itself by reducing oxidative stress levels

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Medically approved handheld laser treatment for the reduction of Parkinson’s symptoms.
Flexible infrared therapy with specialised depth settings combining PhysioCare and PDCare


“These early small scale trials are showing promise, suggesting that benefits of a short course of treatment could last a long time and improve both motor and non-motor symptoms like tremor, mobility and sleep.”