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SYMBYX BIOME Medical Grade Laser Therapies

PDCare Laser

Reducing Parkinson's and Fibromyalgia symptoms

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SYMBYX BIOME Medical Grade Laser Therapies

PhysioCare Laser

Reducing chronic pain and severe inflammation

SYMBYX BIOME Medical Grade Laser Therapies

DermaCare Laser

Promoting tissue repair and relieving pain in fingers and toes

SYMBYX BIOME Medical Grade Laser Therapies

SYMBYX Laser Therapy

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SYMBYX BIOME Medical Grade Laser Therapies

Backed by Medical Evidence

4,000+ peer reviewed scientific studies

SYMBYX BIOME Medical Grade Laser Therapies

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2 year manufacturing warranty for all home or personal users of our lasers

SYMBYX BIOME Medical Grade Laser Therapies

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Our Customers

  • "I would describe the results (of using the PDCare Laser) as astounding. Straight away Paul's mood and sleep improved and he stopped getting nightmares. When he gets nightmares they are accompanied by involuntary movements/thrashing about. These went straight away. This was good for him and me - as I sleep with him! He used to wake several times each night and be unable able to get back to sleep. Now he typically sleeps from 10PM - 6AM.

    .... That he is having far less bad days/nights now means we have rediscovered our social life..." Read More

    Lucie from Sydney, talking about the improvements her partner has made using the PDCare
  • "My name is Pete and I am a 56 year old who lives in a small town on the south east coast of New Zealand. I was first diagnosed with Parkinson's in late 2018. As a lifetime athlete, to say that I was devastated is really an understatement.

    I tolerate my medications OK but a lot of sufferers want to help themselves more naturally. The SYMBYX team's absolute focus upon developing drug-free therapies to reduce Parkinson's symptoms was very welcomed and comforting. 

    The very first thing I noticed was that certain smells I hadn't smelt in a very long time had returned..." Read More.

    Pete from South Island of NZ, living with Parkinson's
  • couple sitting on bench looking at ocean who use light therapy by symbyx

    "It's been 5-weeks since Rob, my husband, started using SYMBYX's PDCare. We've found it very easy and non-invasive, particularly during the Covid-19 lockdown. It's now part of our morning routine. I have noticed a significant turn-around in Rob’s general apathy from prior to starting the treatment. He can now do what is asked of him much more easily. He uses more initiative around the house, and has gone back to listening to his favourite music. His voice is stronger and he is sturdier on his feet when he exercises..." Read More.

    Carer of Rob from Victoria, living with Parkinson's
  •  "Hi my name is Kevin and I am a 49 year old father of four teenagers who lives in Sydney. I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 2014. In addition to living a healthy lifestyle, eating well, exercising regularly and taking my medications, I have become a regular user of the PDCare Laser.

    I feel like PDCare has slowed both my cognitive and physical decline considerably without any noticeable negative side-effects. My medications also appear to be more effective."

    Kevin from Sydney, living with Parkinson's
  • "I am so grateful for my PhysioCare. I use it twice a day before kayaking training and before going to bed to help with chronic finger pain and stiffness.

    The functionality of my fingers and hands has definitely improved and I have drastically reduced my daily dosage of anti-inflammatories." - using the PhysioCare.

    Daniela, a World Master's Canoe Champion, from Sydney and Rome, Italy, used to coping with chronic pain
  • man applying PhysioCare laser to his ankle for pain relief and to reduce inflammation

    "I used PhysioCare on my foot recently after spraining it badly during an evening run. It was raining heavily and I unfortunately slipped on a driveway grill. My neighbour had told me about the laser, as he had used it daily after an operation on his wrist and recovered remarkably quickly. I was intrigued and grabbed it from him for 2 weeks to use on my foot and ankle. Within a few days I was back to walking and even some pilates classes. It seemed to speed up the healing process considerably, although I still iced and elevated my foot in the first day, too. It was so easy to use and it just felt like a quality device." - PhysioCare

    Steve from UK, living with chronic pain from a sprained ankle
  • "My name is Allan and I have been suffering from Chronic Pain for the past 15 years. This has meant ongoing swelling and chronic joint pain, especially in my neck, wrists and elbows. 

    After a little over a week of using the PhysioCare daily on my neck and stomach, I regained significant movement back in my neck - and with only slight discomfort. This was previously only possible during a physiotherapy session."

    Allan from Sydney, living with Chronic Pain

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SYMBYX BIOME Medical Grade Laser Therapies

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SYMBYX BIOME Medical Grade Laser Therapies

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SYMBYX BIOME Medical Grade Laser Therapies


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