SYMBYX light therapy in 5 abstracts presented at the World Parkinson's Congress 2023

SYMBYX, a med-tech company specialising in innovative light therapy treatments for neurodegenerative and metabolic conditions, is proud to be featured in five abstracts presented at the World Parkinson's Congress in Barcelona, July 4-7, 2023. The abstracts highlight ground-breaking research in new treatments for Parkinson's disease and explore the potential of light therapy as an effective therapeutic intervention. 


One of the abstracts, titled "Case studies documenting the interaction of antibiotics, photobiomodulation and Parkinson’s disease," analyses the close association between the gut microbiome and Parkinson's disease. The research demonstrates that disruptions in the gut microbiome, often indicated by gastrointestinal symptoms, occur years before neurological symptoms and contribute to the disease's progression. Antibiotic use and its impact on the microbiome are explored, revealing paradoxical effects on disease symptoms. 


Another abstract, titled "A triple-blinded, sham-controlled study of transcranial photobiomodulation (PBM) in Parkinson’s disease," presents the results of a rigorous clinical trial investigating the safety and efficacy of transcranial light therapy in Parkinson's disease. The study, conducted using a double-blind, randomised, sham-controlled design at the SAN hospital in Sydney, shows promising outcomes of light therapy in alleviating both motor and non-motor symptoms of Parkinson's disease. The SYMBYX Neuro device, a red-light therapy and infrared light therapy device was used in this important clinical trial.  


In the abstract titled "Case studies of a 3-year follow-up of abdominal photobiomodulation treatment for Parkinson’s disease," the scientists involved reveal the potential of abdominal laser light therapy to sustain symptomatic improvements in Parkinson's disease over an extended period. The study reports positive results from trial participants in Adelaide, Australia, who continued at-home abdominal laser light therapy for three years, highlighting the potential of this technology for improvements in sleep, digestion, mood, motor control and cellular energy. The PDCare laser was featured and used in this trial


Additionally, scientists present an abstract titled "Integrative treatment of Parkinson’s disease including photobiomodulation: A case series." This abstract emphasises the importance of an interdisciplinary approach to managing Parkinson's disease, incorporating various interventions such as exercise, nutrition, medication, and light therapy by SYMBYX. This case series showcases successful outcomes achieved through integrative treatment strategies. 


Lastly, researchers introduce an abstract titled "Randomized, double-blind, sham-controlled study to evaluate effectiveness of photobiomodulation plus exercise, to enhance motor, cognition, and quality of life in those with Parkinson's disease." This study investigates the potential benefits of light therapy combined with exercise in improving motor function, cognitive abilities, and overall quality of life for individuals with Parkinson's disease. 


"We are thrilled that our devices were scientifically tested in these ground-breaking abstracts at the World Parkinson's Congress," said Dr Wayne Markman, CEO of SYMBYX. "This clinical research demonstrates the potential of light therapy as a novel therapeutic approach in the management of Parkinson's disease – improving sleep, digestion, mood, motor skills and energy levels, without interfering with medication. We are committed to advancing our understanding of Parkinson’s disease, the importance of the gut-brain connection and developing innovative light therapy devices to improve the daily lives of people with Parkinson’s." 


The abstracts will be presented during Poster Session 1 and Poster Session 2 at the World Parkinson's Congress, taking place in Barcelona from July 4 to July 7, 2023. 


SYMBYX invites attendees to visit their exhibition booth and meet the individuals and team of scientific experts behind these research papers and abstracts. 


About SYMBYX  

SYMBYX is a pioneering light therapy company dedicated to researching and developing transformative therapies and devices for intractable conditions. With a focus on Parkinson's disease and other related conditions, such as IBD, IBS, Fibromyalgia and Chronic Pain, SYMBYX works with scientists worldwide to progress disease understanding and patient outcomes.  




Dr Markman, CEO, and the scientists involved in each of these scientific abstracts, are available for media interview.  


For media inquiries, please contact our team by emailing or by calling +61 2 8066 9966 

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