What our Customers say about SYMBYX

Carer of Parkinson's patient from the Victorian Coast, 2020 talking about her husband's use of the PDCare Laser

Carer of someone living with Parkinsons

"It's been 5-weeks since Rob, my husband, started using SYMBYX's PDCare. We've found it very easy and non-invasive, particularly during the Covid-19 lockdown. It's now part of our morning routine. I have noticed a significant turn-around in Rob’s general apathy from prior to starting the treatment. He can now do what is asked of him much more easily. He uses more initiative around the house, and has gone back to listening to his favourite music. His voice is stronger and he is sturdier on his feet when he exercises."

Rob is now walking without right foot drop, with increased pace and more upright. Since treatment began, he is also more inclined to say 'Yes' rather than 'No' when asked a question or to participate. He is generally more animated and makes more attempt to challenge himself like trying small jogs during our daily walks. He dresses and shaves more easily. Rob is even initiating conversation again, especially when talking on the phone and is more willing to complete simple tasks such as sending emails and keeping his calendar current.

Kevin from Sydney, 2020 talking about the PDCare Laser  

Kevin talking about PDCare Laser and how it helped him with Parkinsons

 "Hi my name is Kevin and I am a 49 year old father of four teenagers who lives in Sydney. I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 2014. In addition to living a healthy lifestyle, eating well, exercising regularly and taking my medications, I have become a regular user of the PDCare Laser.

The PDCare Laser by SYMBYX has slowed both my cognitive and physical decline considerably without any noticeable negative side-effects. My medications also appear to be more effective."



Pete from the South Island of NZ, 2020 talking about the PDCare Laser

Pete from New Zealand talking about living with Parkinsons

My name is Pete and I am a 56 year old who lives in a small town on the south east coast of New Zealand. I was first diagnosed with Parkinson's in late 2018. As a lifetime athlete, to say that I was devastated is really an understatement.

I tolerate my medications OK but a lot of sufferers want to help themselves more naturally. The SYMBYX team's absolute focus upon developing drug-free therapies to reduce Parkinson's symptoms was very welcomed and comforting. 

The very first thing I noticed was that certain smells I hadn't smelt in a very long time had returned. Not completely but definitely enough to enjoy them.

The next thing I found very encouraging was a reduction in my general brain fog - it's hard to explain but I absolutely feel mentally sharper. My friends also say that I look so well and this is perhaps the most subtle change of all. I definitely feel several small changes that, while perhaps small to the outside world, make me realise now that I had resigned myself to losing them for good."

Allan from Sydney, 2020 using the PhysioCare Laser for pain management

infrared cold laser device used to improve fibromyalgia and arthritis"My name is Allan and I have been suffering from Chronic Pain for the past 15 years. This has meant ongoing swelling and chronic joint pain, especially in my neck, wrists and elbows. 

After a little over a week of using the PhysioCare Laser daily on my neck and stomach, I regained significant movement back in my neck - and with only slight discomfort. This was previously only possible during a physiotherapy session. I have also been able to sustain this movement with the ongoing use of my home laser."

Steve from Brisbane, 2020 talking about the PhysioCare Laser for sprained ankles & sports injuries

"I used the PhysioCare Laser on my foot recently after spraining it badly during an evening run. It was raining heavily and I unfortunately slipped on a driveway grill! My neighbour had told me about SYMBYX Laser, as he had used it daily after an operation on his wrist and recovered remarkably quickly. I was intrigued and grabbed it from him for 2 weeks to use on my foot and ankle. Within a few days I was back to walking and even some pilates classes. It seemed to speed up the healing process considerably, although I still iced and elevated my foot in the first day, too. The laser is so easy to use, and I love the company's approach to research and testing."

Daniela, a World Masters Canoe Champion, from Sydney (and originally Rome, Italy), 2020 talking about the PhysioCare Laser for sports injuries

arthritis relief from red light therapy and infrared laser device symbyx

"I am so grateful for my Symbyx Laser. I use it twice a day before my kayaking training and before going to bed to help me with my chronic finger pain and stiffness.

The functionality of my fingers and hands has definitely improved and I have drastically reduced the dosage of anti-inflammatories."

"Felice e soddisfatta del Symbyx laser, che uso due volte al giorno prima dei miei allenamenti in canoa e prima di andare a dormire, per aiutarmi con la mia artrite. La funzionalità delle mie dita e mani è migliorata notevolmente e ho potuto finalmente ridurre l’uso degli antinfiammatori."

Cath, from Melbourne, Australia, 2020 using the DermaCare red Laser for her skin condition

DermaCare red light laser device by symbyx biome

"Thanks, guys. Just wanted to let you know that my DermaCare red has really helped my red, itching, scaly skin condition, especially during lockdowns. If I feel a flare up coming on I apply the laser device and I swear it reduces the severity and length of the patchiness. I wanted to let you know that this is the best thing I have tried as I don't need to leave home for yet another appointment. It's giving me more control over my skin than ever before."