SYMBYX launches a PDCare Home Trial Program with health clinicians in Australia and NZ

SYMBYX’s new PDCare home trial program allows customers to enjoy a no obligation 30-day trial period and extended payment terms on their purchase of a PDCare laser provided they work closely with a referring health clinician during the course of treatment. Health professionals are provided additional training and support from SYMBYX so they can treat their clients living with Parkinson's with deep knowledge and confidence at all times. 

This program is only available to health professionals in Australia and New Zealand at the moment. We look forward to expanding this program to more countries soon. 

If you are a health professional who would like to participate in the program, or have questions, please contact our Business Development Director, Tanya at

Please note that we have since expanded this program to Canada, and also look forward to welcoming interested UK health professionals soon.


  • Hello there. My husband has Parkinsons and we are keen to try the Symbyx PD unit to try and alleviate some of his symptoms. I am are a retired physiotherapist. I have had experience with using an infrared laser on skin conditions usually with great results. It was particularly useful with accelerating varicose ulcer healing. I would be happy to do some extra training to maximise benefit. Thank you in advance. Sandra Dilley

    Sandra Dilley
  • My dad is 82 and been diagnosed with Parkinson’s and is keen to participate in the SYMBYX trial. Can you please contact me to let me know how he registers?
    Kind Regards

    Helen Bakewell
  • Hello, how am I able to contact clinicians involved in PD Care Home Trial Program? I live in Melbourne.

    Sylvia Petryk
  • I would love for my wife Wanda to participate in the trial currently being conducted by Symbyx as seen on Western Australia’s Channel 9 News on Friday September 10. I understand that the trial is only available to health professionals, as such, it would be greatly appreciated if you could advise the name of any health professionals in Western Australia who are conducting the trial on your behalf.

    My wife could certainly benefit from any relief that your device may give.


    John Stockings
    0408 912 042

    John Stockings
  • Is there a medical practitioner in Western Sydney who is taking part in this program?

    Christine Ellen Shipp

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