SYMBYX is an Australian medical technology company researching innovative, adjunct laser therapies to reduce certain Parkinson's & Fibromyalgia symptoms, as well as chronic pain and general inflammation. Scientific, peer-reviewed research drives our innovation - we sponsor numerous international clinical trials at leading hospitals and universities. Our emerging therapies are painless & drug free.

We currently market three devices: the PhysioCare 904 nm Laser for pain & chronic inflammation reduction ; the DermaCare 635 nm Laser, a red laser for tissue repair and close to the surface ailments, and the PDCare 904 nm Laser which is under review in early clinical trials for reducing certain Parkinson's & Fibromyalgia symptoms.

We strongly recommend that patients first consult with a qualified medical professional before any changes are made to their daily care routine.

Please connect with us on facebook, instagram, and via our website newsletter, and be in touch with us directly at info@symbyxbiome.com with your questions at anytime.