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The ProSeries laser is our most adaptable and powerful laser, designed especially for clinicians with busy practices. It combines the functionality of our 3 Care laser range, the DermaCare, PhysioCare and PDCare, in one multi-functional device. The ProSeries is useful for clinicians working across the different needs of a broad set of patients, particularly with neurological, metabolic and inflammatory conditions. It can produce red and infrared light with full adjustability of depth, Joule power and Hz frequency. It consists of a sleek professional base unit with various handset options, and has a built-in lithium-ion battery, so it can also be used portably. 

ProSeries is 12 times stronger than the PhysioCare, and 4 times stronger than the DuoCare 904. Treatment time for the PDCare Parkinson's protocol is reduced from 20 minutes to just over 1.5 minutes. Clinically, this means greater treatment flexibility, decreased treatment time, and greater treating range for multiple conditions. It also allows you to get very specific at treating at different levels - ie superficial to the deepest muscles of the hip and lower back. Or simply follow our provided SYMBYX protocols, developed based on the latest evidence and research in laser therapy. 

The ProSeries can control and operate red and infrared light simultaneously, and has two LCD displays (one for each handset connected).

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    Backed by Medical Evidence

    1 Year Warranty

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    • Most powerful Parkinson’s handheld laser device in the world
    • Fibromyalgia 
    • Pain and inflammation 
    • Muscle, tendon, ligament injuries 
    • Arthritis  
    • Sports injuries and recovery
    • Scar, skin and wound healing (including open wounds) 
    • Lymphoedema (or swelling) 
    • Peripheral neuropathy (including diabetic neuropathy) 

    Safety Precautions and Contraindications for SYMBYX devices can be found here. If you have any questions, please contact our clinical support team today

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    • One Year Manufacturer Warranty, for home or personal use, from the date of purchase
    • Warranty is limited to general use under authorised conditions as described in the instruction manual enclosed with your purchase
    • Before returning your device, we ask all customers to unscrew the back of device with a small screwdriver and replace the batteries with 6 x new AAA batteries
    • In the event of a product fault, please email us at within 30 days. You will need to provide your name, the date of your purchase, the nature of the alleged defect and the serial number of the product and we will assist you promptly
    • Only once your return is accepted will we send you a return shipping label, as well as instructions on how and where to send your package. Items returned without prior approval will not be accepted
    • SYMBYX does not offer refunds in change of mind situations. Our lasers are approved medical devices and in accordance with other therapies, will have varying effects on different individuals. SYMBYX offers all customers access to a clinical team of healthcare professionals clinicians trained to assist in optimising the laser therapy.
    • SYMBYX does not offer refunds in change of mind situations. Our lasers are approved medical devices and in accordance with other therapies, will have varying effects on different individuals. SYMBYX offers all customers access to a clinical team of healthcare professionals trained to assist in optimising the laser therapy.

    • Wavelength: 904 nm and 635 nm • No. of Laser Diodes: 12x 904 nm; 4x635 nm • Average Output Power: 12 x 60 mW; 4x 25-100 mW (adjustable) • Total Output Power: Adjustable. Up to 720 mW • Frequency: o Adjustable. o 635 nM: frequency can be set from 32 to 1000 Hz o 904 nM: frequency can be set from 5 to 5000 Hz • Beam Shape: Divergent • Continuous or Pulsed: Pulsed/Super-Pulsed • Battery Time: Designed to be used with base unit plugged in, however can also be used not plugged in. Battery time before needing to recharge is > 1.5 hours. • Battery Type: Li-Ion • Laser Class: 2 • Medical Laser Class: 3b • ARTG: 335443 • CE: 0413


    In most regions and countries, you do not need formal training to operate the ProSeries (which is rated a Class 3B laser). The use of this device, however, may require you to be licensed (subject to the jurisdiction you are located in). You should make your own inquiries regarding any license, or any other form of registration, qualification or training, that may be required to own and/or operate the device in your jurisdiction. SYMBYX is required by law, in most jurisdictions, to provide safety eye lenses with each ProSeries Laser and you will find these in your carrying case. Laser light therapy is, however, a very safe, proven therapy, backed by peer-reviewed research and the included Instruction Manual covers its range of uses, functions and safety features. It is recommended you closely review the Instruction Manual and SYMBYX’s other training materials to ensure safe and effective use of this device and always reach out to our Clinical Support team should you have any specific queries or concerns.

    Subject to laws of your specific jurisdiction, the ProSeries is a registered medical device and might require some prior training or qualification to be able to operate at home. All operating features are included in the Instruction Manual, and it has been designed with ease-of-use in mind. We would recommend closely following the Instruction Manual and contacting the Clinical Support team should you have any specific concerns or questions about its application.

    Laser light therapy is a very safe treatment, with no serious adverse events reported in the literature to date. Nearly all side effects are transient, and can be corrected by our Clinical Support team with a few adjustments to your treatment protocol. Nevertheless, as with any therapy, caution does need to be exercised. Laser light therapy is designed to be used as a complement to your pre-existing therapies and medications, and it is recommended that if you have any serious comorbidities that may affect your use of laser light therapy to first contact your doctor and our Clinical Support team. SYMBYX are happy to work collaboratively with you and/or your treating physician. The contraindications to the ProSeries device are the same with any laser therapy device, including those listed for the PDCare and DuoCare. Complete contraindications are: those suffering extreme sensitivity to light (including epilepsy and vestibular migraine), and pregnancy. Relative contraindications include: applying laser therapy over active tumour sites, or over the head if undergoing Deep Brain Stimulation. Those with a history of psychiatric disorders, severe hypermobility or acute polyarthritic disorders are recommended to only proceed with laser therapy under medical supervision. Extra precaution is also recommended for those with a history of heart conditions, stroke, or rheumatoid arthritis. A full list of Safety Precautions and Contraindications can be found here: