Red light therapy, also known as photobiomodulation, is a non-invasive, painless, therapeutic technique that uses specific doses of red light energy or wavelengths - to stimulate natural cellular processes within the body.

SYMBYX’s medical-grade DermaCare laser is a handheld red light therapy laser device designed for at-home use.

Easy to use. Battery charged. ARTG/CE listed for reduction in chronic pain and inflammation. 


There are currently 8,000 + peer-reviewed scientific studies reporting on the incident-free, protective and restorative properties of infrared and red light therapy.

Convenient, At Home use

The DermaCare red light therapy device is battery powered and portable, designed for safe and easy home use when pain strikes. Also compact enough for easy portability.


Reduce inflammation. Improve circulation and scar healing. Promote body's own cellular energy for effective tissue healing and pain relief in fingers and toes.

Benefits of Red Light Therapy

The Nobel Prize in medicine was awarded to Danish Physician, Niels Ryberg Finsen, for treating Smallpox and Tuberculosis with red light therapy in 1903. Further progress in the field was pioneered by Professor Endre Mester, a Hungarian physician, who used light therapy and cold laser to heal wounds and regrow hair in 1967. NASA also experimented frequently with LED light in the 1970's to grow flowers in space.

Today, red light therapy is used in a variety of ways, in dentistry, for cosmetic purposes, by Physiotherapists and Chiropractors for chronic pain... and is emerging as a proven way to change the gut microbiome, as well as for several health conditions such as Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Lymphedema, Peripheral Neuropathy, Chronic Pain and Parkinson's.

What is Peripheral Neuropathy and How Common is it?

Peripheral Neuropathy (PN) typically refers to nerve mediated pain in the digits – including fingers, feet and toes. It is due to nerve and capillary (small blood vessel) damage, typical the after-effects of chemotherapy, diabetes and/or shingles.

The incidence of PN in diabetics is as high as 50% while it is estimated at 30-40% in post chemotherapy patients.The pain is felt as a sharp stabbing or burning sensation. Intermittent pins and needles and numbness are also reported. PN negatively effects balance, gait, fine and gross motor skills and general patient quality of life.

red light therapy: a natural way to relieve peripheral neuropathic pain

DermaCare is a red light laser, developed by SYMBYX, which emits light energy at 635 nanometers.

At this wavelength, the power of the DermaCare laser diode's physical properties are sufficient to reduce inflammation and metabolise increased nitric oxide (a naturally occurring molecular coordinator of cell energy demands and blood vessel dilation) levels such that more oxygenated blood flows to the patient’s digits. 

This increased blood supply heals damaged tissue over-time. DermaCare also acts as a natural analgesic (pain killer) as it blocks fast axonal nerve transmission, which are nerve cells that transmit pain sensations from the digits to the brain.

Our Product Recommendation

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Introducing DermaCare: Your Red Light Therapy Solution

Discover the incredible power of red light therapy with the DermaCare, an innovative hand-held laser device. Made in Sweden, this super-pulsed, low level laser device emits a precise wavelength of 635 nanometers, harnessing the remarkable benefits of red light therapy.

Red light therapy has gained recognition for its remarkable healing properties, and the DermaCare takes it to the next level. With its powerful visible red laser light energy, this device is specifically tailored for a variety of applications, including wound and scar healing, pain relief, and reducing inflammation. Its focused light energy is ideal for addressing conditions closer to the skin's surface, and it is particularly effective for smaller areas of pain, such as the fingers and toes, and for peripheral neuropathy

The device features a simple large on/off button for easy operation at home. Take advantage of its portability and enjoy the benefits of red light therapy wherever you go, as the DermaCare is battery powered (by 6 x AAA batteries, rechargeable recommended) and fully portable. 

Rest assured knowing that the DermaCare meets the highest standards of quality and safety. It proudly bears the CE mark, attesting to its compliance with European health, safety, and environmental protection standards. Additionally, it is ARTG-listed, guaranteeing its approval by the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods.

Unlock the potential of red light therapy with the DermaCare laser today.