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The House Of Wellness

Trials of a revolutionary new LED laser light therapy designed to treat Parkinson’s Disease are underway with some astounding results.


Aussie Medtech takes on Big Pharma with a Treatment for Parkinsons

7 News

'Miracle' Parkinson's treatment to be trialled in Australia.

2GB Radio Interview

A new potential treatment for Parkinson's was showing some very promising results...

The Weekend Australian

Parkinson's: Let there be light. Margaret Jarrett was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease 8 years ago ...

9 News

9 News highlights how patients with Parkinson’s
are able to treat it at home using the SYMBYX PDCare Laser.

Parkinson's NSW

Australian medical technology company SYMBYX has completed its first human trial of the use of laser light therapy to reduce the symptoms of Parkinson’s by targeting the gut-brain axis.


Goop highlights how light therapy is useful towards those with neurodegenerative conditions and touches on clinical trials around the world.

Surfers Health

Surfers Health displays how Parkinson’s treatment is changing from physical therapy and medicine to light therapy through clinical trials.

SYMBYX in The Guardian

Great new article in The Guardian about Chronic Pain by Linda Geddes

PD Warrior

LASER MEDICINE: An exciting potential breakthrough for people living with Parkinson’s

Wall Street Journal

What is your microbiome? A Wellness Trend Taking on Post Covid Urgency

Mosman Collective

Mosman man on a mission to take non-invasive laser therapy mainstream.